n the current.

From the moment the swaying curtain was pulled and the Mysterious Thunder Net was revealed to the world, the realm of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian had already begun its journey of ‘returning’.
/I just think that senior brother should also know that this magnificent world is walking on the rapids of the ancient road, just like a big ball floating on the river. The smaller the ball, the lighter it is.
And if you want to do this, you need to extend the Xuan Lei Luo Net to the entire realm of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian, penetrating the entire sky. What Zen Master Yuehua was able to do in the past can also be done in reverse. This matter is up to me. After all, it would be cheaper to have it done by Senior Brother, a real person in this world! ”
“Then what does junior brother do?”
When the words fell, it was Chu Weiyang who tapped the “Jade Book” with his fingers.
“Fishing for dragons, fishing for all the true dragons of this life!”
That’s what he said, but at this moment, Chu Weiyang’s fingers lifted up and tapped lightly on the “Jade Book”.
In the flash of lightning, the aura’s radiance reappeared three times in this brief moment.
However, at this moment, the pure charm of Chu Weiyang’s “Taiyi Inner Scenery Sutra” was calm and waveless.
/It is like the overlapping of the barriers between heaven and earth, which is unstoppable from the essential level.
The aura of the “Jade Album” revealed by the hole-in-the-wall photo of the charm has the connotation of reluctance, but in the end it is still the flash of the “Jade Album” that shines in the inner scene, accompanied by a fleeting aura. Sheng Ji looked at it again and saw that the jade slip with the name of Chu Weiyang immediately fell off the “Jade Book”.
This is some kind of unexplainable and unreasonable feeling.
Furthermore, in this feeling, I thought of the heavenly corpse of the black-robed Buddhist cultivator that I had seen in the Three Yuan Realm, and the half jade slip of the “Jade Book” that the corpse once held. .
And the corpse-clad Buddhist cultivator once used this half jade slip to touch the “Jade Book” of the Three Yuan Realm, and then further suppressed the dome of the old realm’s cultivation realm, which was already low at that time. .
Chu Weiyang’s real experiences in the past, and the Taoist principles behind these experiences that Taoists cannot really explain clearly at this moment, all turned into some kind of warning and premonition in Chu Weiyang’s mind.
It seems that after practicing Taoism for a long time, after accumulating those profound foundations, in an occasional flash of inspiration, even I don’t know the root cause and meaning, but it is really in line with the essence of Taoism.
He just had the urge to do this for no reason, and then the Taoist felt that he could do such a thing, so he actually did it.
Then, the jade slip actually dropped down, and was picked up by Chu Weiyang again.
And when Chu Weiyang put the jade slip in front of him again, Chu Weiyang saw clearly that the name that was originally h