unt of molten iron and copper juice that could be filled was limited. Even if it maintained its original scale, under the pressure of the turbid current, , the molten iron and copper juice also have the tendency to break up, causing the turbid current to flow inside again.

In addition, Chu Weiyang could predict that the Three Yuan Realm was constantly returning to the original appearance of the ancient times. In this process, the small gaps opened by the initial extension , is just the beginning.
/This crack will eventually expand, and get bigger and bigger.
For no reason, a layer of haze cast over Chu Weiyang’s thoughts and thoughts.
In this moment, the more he understood the overall situation in this twilight world, the more Chu Weiyang understood that he had to find a way to stay here for a while.
/The Three Yuan Ji Zhen Realm and the Tai Xuan Zhen Realm were hidden by the ancient sages of the human race in this twilight world. This is the “big rear” far further away from other realms than the Shangqing Yuping Realm. “.
When the ancient sages chose to protect the two realms of Xuan and Yuan, they had already made sufficient preparations. It seemed like a confrontation between the two sides, but in fact they had well included these two realms behind the defense lines they had established. .
But similarly, when the “Qionglin Yujing Alliance Book” sensed the general scope through the air, Xinxiu decisively launched an unprecedented fierce offensive.
Follow the presentation and reflection in the mind and memory of the horse-faced monk.
At this moment, in front of the realm of Yuping in the Shangqing Dynasty, a bloody battle that is rare among the long-standing confrontations and attacks is going on. The pure aura of life and death rotates on the narrow battlefield of defense, thereby shielding After sensing the secrets of too many people, the new cultivators of both worlds sent a large number of monks to penetrate into the defense line and explore in this direction.
But this is penetration, not a complete tearing of the defense line, and it is also necessary to prevent the remnants of the old cultivators from sensing the overly advanced cultivation Qi, so the cultivators who came to explore were all confined to the Golden Core realm. .
Those who are too outstanding will be discovered if they cannot break through the defense line. If their cultivation is lower, even if they discover the two realms of Xuanyuan, they will only be killed.
After suddenly sensing the “Jade Book”, most of the new monks had already guessed that these two realms had been dormant for years, and if the “Jade Book” did not appear in the world, they suddenly realized that the realm of cultivation above the golden elixir could be promoted.
Nowadays, all the reactions are so fast and the actions are so fast. If the monks in the Jindan Realm of Xuanyuan Realm and Xuanyuan Realm are discovered in time and rely on the excessive ferocity of the Hunmeng Method, they may be able to easily achieve huge results and even attack in groups. In such