larly, those Yin spirits and phenomena that have been polished by thousands of dragons, those fragmented soul memories, the charm of Taoism and the talents and talents of life, all follow the rotation of virtuality and reality, as if invisible. The formless trapped dragon ascends to the sky, following the interweaving and resonance, and turns into a spiritual light that sinks into the Yujing Mountain.

Some kind of more indescribable rotation was established from the three realms, from the three realms and the chaotic world, and continued continuously.
When the concepts of years, sumeru and calamity are integrated with the higher-level Taoist essence on the innate Taoist vessel, and then this unified essence is transformed into the Taishang Bagua Furnace, the glow of the treasure mirror The cave shines in the three realms of the dojo, triggering the transformation of the dojo and the sublimation of the Yujingshan Dharma Assembly.
In the truly vast and extensive interaction, the concept of reincarnation is thoroughly established.
In this truly dangerous and bloody battle, every real life was destroyed. In the flash of lightning that destroyed the body and soul of the attacking masters who were really experienced and familiar with each other, the person was truly extinct. The true spirit of the soul is like the pure hazy ocean.
Drawn by the innate white jade mirror, the Taishang Bagua Furnace, and the innate Taoist tools, the moment they were reflected in the three realms of the Taoist temple, the power of Taiyin caused the ghosts to appear in the Taiyin demons’ holy heaven. The power of Yinming inspired the ghost to ride on the turbid and evil energies in the sky and the earth, and carried the ghost to jump into the swirling sea of ??black and yellow clouds.
/Thousands of crazy dragon appearances are like millstones. Following the extremely crazy roaring sound, all the aspects of the ghost are ground into pure powder in this process.
In the end, there was only one true spirit. In this process, washed by the Yinming Qi of ten thousand dragons, it was in the process of truly transforming towards a single immortal true spirit.
The cathode generates yang.
Along with the concept of the so-called immortal true spirit, a certain concept of vitality is also brewing in its true spirit.
So, almost logically, a certain concept of yin and yang rotation, through one of the six whirlpools, suddenly put the pulling power of the rotation into this true spirit.
In an instant, the immortal true spirit jumped into the six whirlpools, and the moment it jumped out of the gate of Fengdu, the concept of life and death was rolled over, and the precipitated vitality was completely born from this formless and formless immortal true spirit, and then , between heaven and earth, the ubiquitous calamity energy became a kind of guide at this moment.
Flowers, birds, fish and insects, monsters and beasts give birth to babies in the ocean, and all the people on the continent give birth to children.
That immortal true spirit