and through the blending of natural power, are not empty and desolate. There are undulating hills, lush vegetation, and even The gurgling stream has connected to the water network of Lingfu Island in an instant.

If there are blood evil monks here, they will be able to vaguely distinguish that the brand-new scenery on these islands clearly originates from several large islands around them! And all of these islands are connected to the earth! All contain mineral dragon veins!
But at this time, Chu Weiyang still maintained his original movements, and the light rain of seal patterns in the flag in his hand really turned into a pouring water, which never stopped for a long time.
As a result, another wave of huge waves began to rise in all directions of this huge island.
Mixing all the ways into one is called Wuji.
The interweaving of destruction and vitality, and the integration of the forces of nature into the blending of all paths, are the two rituals of yin and yang.
Along with the transportation of more earth veins, there will be more intertwining of mineral deposits and dragon veins.
Those are the four images and the five elements!
This is the full manifestation of Chu Weiyang’s talisman formation!
A square of spiritual mountain blessed land becomes a square inch of the world, and monks live in it. They are connected to the same Tao and Dharma both internally and externally. On the one hand, they practice self-cultivation, and on the other hand, they are inspired by the great power of heaven and earth.
Naturally, cultivating the inside and outside, this is the dojo!
The angry voice fell, and the beam of light shot into the sky.
The majestic power of nature was, at this moment, completely in the hands of this lean monk standing in the sky!
/birth and death.
The successive births and deaths began under the control of Chu Weiyang, and they continued to circle with the roar in this vast and boundless sea area.
It is the cycle of birth and death itself, arising and passing away.
And when looking at it from a more magnificent perspective, the angry sound between heaven and earth, stimulated by the power of nature, gradually became softer, and finally, it was like a gentle invisible string quilt. The fluctuations, the violent tremors became silent at a certain moment, leaving only the hazy Taoist rhyme wandering between the island and the sea, wandering in the flow of life and death.
In certain flashes, Chu Weiyang would even recall the illusory world that he had seen in the Yushu Dragon King before, recalling the changes in vegetation and trees in a single breath, the freeze of time and the extension of time.
It seems to be similar to birth and death, a reflection of a certain aspect of the two rituals.
It’s not that Chu Weiyang simply envied the old Dragon King’s superb methods, but he suddenly realized that pure birth and death itself was actually no less than the transformation of withering and rising in the various manifestations of Yin and Yang. !
Perhaps the details need to be studied and c