Dominate one side and become the uncrowned king.
The Holy Land drew a piece of territory and let Lu Bei do whatever he wanted. As long as he didn’t upset the sky, even if he emptied the imperial power of the four kingdoms, the Holy Land would turn a blind eye.
Too outrageous!
The pacer couldn’t figure out what Lu Bei had done secretly in just a few months to get the Holy Land to make such a big concession.
Could it be that he is the illegitimate son of Emperor Ji who lives abroad?
/Not to mention, the possibility is very high.
As a messenger from the Holy Land, Master Buzi has received professional training and is able to figure out the meaning behind the message, and it is extremely scary to think about it carefully.
The four kingdoms are in constant dispute, Lu Bei has a certain power, and the Holy Land is on its side and provides all support except support. The unreliable claims are untenable at first sight.
But if you look at it from another angle, the Holy Land is clearly instructing Lu Bei to unify the four kingdoms and create a great human nation. No matter what the four kingdoms of Xuanlong protest, the Holy Land will turn a blind eye.
“Hey, Sister Bu, I’m talking to you, why are you always staring at my face?” Lu Bei raised his hand and touched the pretty face, and suddenly realized that it was his handsomeness that made him suffer.
On the side, Zhu Xiushi curled his lips and muttered that he was blind again.
The pace master came back to his senses, first looked at Lu Bei in disbelief, and then took out a Qiankun Ring: “This item was sent by the elder of the inner sect of the Holy Land, and asked me to deliver it to Sect Leader Lu personally.”
“It’s mysterious, just opening a seal.”
Lu Bei took the ring, and with a flash of his mind, his expression suddenly changed. He clenched his fist and coughed lightly: “Come, let’s see you off.”
The step master was sent away by the little fox with a confused look on his face. Zhu Xiushi was so shameless that he was knocked unconscious by his chest. He came to Lu Bei with a playful smile and wanted to see what treasures there were in the Qiankun Ring.
Sealing technique.
/Lu Bei took out his hand, unmoved by the beauty, and disappeared on the spot.
“Damn it, you don’t do anything when you get benefits, as if I’m so rare!”
Zhu Xiushi gritted his teeth and saw the dizzy Hu Nan next to him. He raised his hand and pinched his face, then took out a white scarf and covered his eyes.
In Qingqiu Palace, laughter sounded again.
In the quiet room, Lu Bei activated the barrier to hide his aura, and stepped into his own little world.
The acquired spiritual treasure promised by Emperor Ji has arrived.
The earth hates the sky and uses the bow!
Pinch off the head and remove the tail, which is called Hentian Gong. It comes with a bottle of phoenix blood, which can be used to unlock the seal with the phoenix arrow.
The name “Hendian Gong” is very unscrupulous. It’s asking for trouble in front of God. I’m afraid it’s hard to be kind. Lu Bei seriously sus