its wings hanging down from the yin and yang, and its long tail swaying with five-color divine light, passing through the neon and the south stick, and landed in the Kunlun Mountains of the Chinese continent.

The light is distorted, and the colors of Yin Yang and Five Elements are distorted, bringing some ancient shock to this world.
/After landing, a big tree rises from the ground, opening up the cloud cover that covers the sky. The boundless green shade is full of vitality and shines with endless spiritual light.
The phoenix perches on it, and countless birds come to worship.
The three divine birds, one in the west, one in the sky, and one in the bottom, became popular on the entire network at the fastest speed, announcing to the world that a new era has arrived.
Whether people believe it or not, God is real and exists.
Soon, the news of the arrival of the Emperor of Heaven spread wildly to Blue Star.
The emergency news broadcast was accompanied by a photo of Lu Bei’s cute face, followed by a small picture of the three divine birds, Phoenix, Kunpeng, and Golden Crow, which were labeled as the incarnation of the Emperor of Heaven. They could also be understood as the Emperor’s domestic pets.
Emperor Lu Bei of Heaven, whose date of birth is unknown, came out of the wilderness ten thousand years ago, opened up the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons, and became invincible in the world.
Thousands of years later, he reappeared in the human world, suspected of being a clone of the human body. At this time, he had cultivated into a heavenly being, reestablished himself as the master of the three realms, and was honored as the emperor of heaven.
All evidence shows that Blue Star’s spiritual energy recovery is directly related to the Emperor.
The last line of the news, in capital letters in red, states that the Emperor of Heaven has boundless power to destroy and create the world, and cannot be touched or looked directly at.
The cooling blue star is getting hot again.
In the Jiuzhou Continent, Lu Bei has no interest in showing off, but who knows that Blue Star is his hometown? The mood is different. When a fellow countryman meets a fellow countryman, how can he be worthy of the sentence without tears?
He waited in the Pacific Ocean for half an hour, confirming that there were several satellites overhead paying attention, but no strategic nuclear bomb came to test the depth, which was a pity for him.
/It was promised that the monster would attract nuclear bombs. The three-legged Golden Crow is too far away to fight. The country where the phoenix is ??located cannot move, but the Pacific Ocean can be used. A target as big as Kunpeng has a wingspan of fifty thousand feet, which is more than three hundred miles. If such a big target is lying motionless in the sea, why don’t you blow it up!
If you don’t even boil water, how can you say that the Emperor of Heaven is not afraid of nuclear weapons?
Lu Bei waited for a while, confirming that he did not have the luck of the Showa man, and his disappointment disappeared.