f the couch.

As a boy, he risks losing hundreds of millions at any time when he goes out, so he always keeps this sentence in mind.
Xinlijun took a glance, took out the futon and sat down on the spot. When he was holding his breath and meditating, a strong wind came and went straight to the center of her eyebrows.
Lord Xinli flashed his head sideways, looking at the ground with an expressionless face, and saw a round Qiling Pill.
It’s a hidden weapon.
“Come here, don’t squat there.”
Lu Bei Chuanyuan said: “Your elders think that the Dragon King can get along with him and have ancestral friendship. Asking for help from the Dragon King will not be rejected. This sect leader doesn’t think so. Just in case, let’s lie down together.”
Mr. Xinli:
Forgive her for being young but ignorant. Are the two things causally related?
Lu Bei seemed to understand what Xinli Jun was thinking, and continued to transmit the message: “If it were you, your son was suddenly snatched away, and the good-hearted person returned to his original owner the next day, what would you think? ”
“It’s simple, either you think that a thief shouts to catch a thief, or you think that good-hearted people see injustice on the road.”
“No matter what, as the mistress of the Dragon Palace, the Dragon King should meet the person who saved his son’s life, but she didn’t show up. She also said that she was too tired to walk with her busy schedule.”
Clear organization, clear logic, matter-of-fact discussion, and a very decent grasp of human nature. Mr. Xinli couldn’t find fault, and then he thought again that Dragon King Ao Yi had not shown up from beginning to end, and it was very possible that he was observing them secretly.
/She was not in a hurry to go to bed, and the voice transmission asked back, if the Dragon King was really spying in secret, wouldn’t it have been exposed if she took out the futon and sat down in the first place.
Lu Bei said it was not a big problem and wrote a script about a young couple who were having conflicts.
In a nutshell, the woman suspected that the man had someone outside and was unhappy.
It’s too real, at least the male protagonist is very realistic.
After listening to the script, Mr. Xin Li curled his lips and closed his eyes to recuperate. Lu Bei got up and got out of bed, and dragged Mr. Li to the bed with each mouthful.
The follow-up is a paid plot. The Dragon King did not replenish his membership, and Lu Bei did not give her the opportunity to have sex for free, so he started to swim with Yin and Yang while holding a cart.
There is no dual practice, everyone practices his or her own thing.
Lu Bei was not familiar with Xinli Jun, and the few times they had physical contact were all unilateral beatings by him. There was no emotion, so naturally there was no story of a fairy falling into evil circumstances.
/Xinlijun said nothing with a cold face. She had no lines in the script. No matter what Lu Bei said or did, she would struggle for a moment and then obey.
The young couple had a cold war in the room and