kept her mouth flat and obeyed the order without saying much.

Butler Yu’s face was average today, but if he showed a good face, it wouldn’t mean that he had no good face at all. Lu Bei felt convinced that the eldest sister was thin-skinned and was still thinking about the misunderstanding about the last time she accidentally broke into the swimming pool.
He took out a black pearl with his backhand and used sugar-coated bullets. He never mentioned the mistakes he had made. He only praised Butler Yu’s family for their beauty and temperament, and he just turned his white eyes into smiling crescent moons.
With Butler Yu’s rich experience in dog licking, Lu Bei is not a rainbow butt, but who makes his identity different? There is a big difference between saying the same sentence from Lu Bei’s mouth and saying it from Licking Dog’s mouth.
“His Royal Highness is still in the camp at the moment. Are you going to find her or wait for her at the house?” Butler Yu used force several times to pull out his little hand and smoothed his hair to hide his blushing and heartbeat.
/“At this point, we are still working. The commander-in-chief is truly a role model for our generation.”
Lu Bei said in admiration, and then looked at the gradually darkening sky: “She is busy with work, so I won’t disturb her. Let’s serve a table of food first, not too much, just ten or eight dishes, and I’ll eat while I’m at it.” wait.”
As expected of you, you haven’t even entered the door yet. You really don’t regard yourself as an outsider.
Butler Yu secretly smiled, and besides, she didn’t regard Lu Bei as an outsider, so she followed the arrangements and went to prepare.
When the time came to Haishi, Zhu Qilan had not returned yet. He took a walk in Lubei Garden to eat after dinner. Butler Yu saw that he was bored and suggested that he should go to the swimming pool to relax.
This was the information Lu Bei Ting caught in his ears. Butler Yu had no other intentions. He took him to the position in advance and regarded him as the second head of the family. He habitually asked if he needed to take a bath since it was getting late.
Lu Bei had been thinking about the huge bathroom at his cousin’s house for a while, and he hadn’t taken a shower for more than a month, so he nodded decisively.
In the morning, I went to the Lingxiao Sword Sect alone, and at noon I went to catch the wind. In the afternoon, I pressed Hu San and rubbed it on the ground, beating my eldest brother to the point of being autistic. After a busy day, it was time to take a bath and relax.
In the bathroom, Lu Bei takes a dip in the swimming pool and angrily denounces that money corrupts people. Zhu Qilan has been practicing for so many years before he can break through the Void Refining Realm, which is inevitably related to his daily extravagant life.
Unlike him, he saves water and will break through the void in less than a year.
At this moment, there was a sound of pushing the door, and a white figure slowly walked out of the hazy mist.
Zhu Qilan took off his clothes and