“Everything is safe?!”
“Yes, if you suffer the grievance, nothing will happen to you!”
Lu Bei replied matter-of-factly. He saw Chang Qingyu trembling all over, fearing that he might commit an unfilial act by splashing his master’s blood. He put his hands on his shoulders and forcefully dragged the person to the nearby woods.
Two lines were plowed on the ground, which was Chang Qingyu’s last stubbornness.
“What are you doing? You are the master!”
“What are you thinking about all day long? Fortunately, you are still a daughter of a famous family, but your thoughts are too dirty. Come and stay here for me.”
/“What are you doing squatting down?”
“If you are asked to squat, just squat. There is so much nonsense, and even if I am a teacher, you will lead me astray!”
The grass was rustling in the grass, and Yan Xiaoshuang looked at the sky speechlessly. The painting style of this pair of masters was completely different from the others. Sooner or later, the master and the apprentice would go crazy.
Han Miaojun was happy to see people suffer misfortune at the hands of Lu Bei. She felt that sooner or later, there was a greater chance of someone being killed, either one less or one more.
In the grass, Lu Bei and the nervous Chang Qingyu squatted side by side, sighing: “When we were in the Holy Land, my master asked you to go to the grove, but you didn’t go. It’s fate that we really met in the grove.”
/Chang Qingyu didn’t say anything, she went, twice.
Because Jiang He refused to leave the pillow, he asked Shao Han to be his helper and swarmed him as soon as Lu Bei showed up.
“I didn’t take my apprenticeship seriously before, and I don’t plan to renew the relationship with you as a master and apprentice in the future. But since you take it seriously, I’ll force myself to take it seriously for once.”
Lu Bei looked at Chang Qingyu with a serious face: “Sit cross-legged and let me feel the bones first.”
Are you that serious?
Chang Qingyu crossed his shoulders and arms. His master died tragically many times and came back to life again. He couldn’t rest in peace, let alone how sad he was.
“Forget it, anyway, the last time I touched it, your superficial qualifications are still fresh in my memory as a teacher.”
Lu Bei pointed his sword together, and quickly pointed it at the center of Chang Qingyu’s eyebrows. The strange force penetrated and resonated with the voice: “With your qualifications, you can barely touch the corners of the Mahayana period in your entire life. It is possible to overcome the dangers of the tribulation period.” If you can’t pass it, my teacher will grant you an ‘Innate Breathing and Inhalation Technique’. This magical power will return to the first and can directly reach the body of an immortal.”
Chang Qingyu’s mind was shaken, and the obscure words resonated with the sea of ??consciousness, driving the magic power in her body to circulate on its own. Every time she exhaled and breathed in, clear spirit entered her body, and the turbid air dispersed.
“Remember, the stakes of this metho