swords danced at the same time, slashing straight at the opponent’s vital points.

buzz buzz
The void shattered, collapsing large swaths of the small world, just like pebbles thrown into a lake, causing ripples to wash away in all directions.
The violent sword energy impacted the small world, causing the sky and the earth to tremble. Xia Yuechan, who was watching the show, stabilized the small world and avoided being chased by chains. Zhu Xun, with an excited look on his face, retreated far away.
The earth shook, and abyssal fissures crisscrossed it.
/At the crack, two figures holding swords faced each other.
Zhan Lexian gathered the power of heaven and earth and turned his lifelong insights into the sharp edge of the black sword. The violent sword intention was ruthless and selfless, tearing apart Lu Bei’s innate sword body and carving bloody sword marks at the corners of his eyes.
Lu Bei disapproved and took a step forward. The strong force forced Zhan Lexian to take half a step back. He exerted force and was forced to take another half step back.
“Elder Zhan, stop fighting and killing as soon as you’re old. Wouldn’t it be nice to have fun with your grandchildren while you’re still old?” Lu Bei made arrangements to give Zhan Lexian a warning and let him prepare mentally first.
“Taking too much talk to achieve your advantage is the root of evil.”
Zhan Lexian replied, his strength was not as strong as Lu Bei’s, his eyes lit up with the brilliance of his sword, and a blue formation quickly spread out under his feet.
The formation diagram is mysterious and obscure, and the veins are filled with murderous intent. If you look closely, you can see that this formation is actually made of pure sword intent.
Send and receive freely, stored in the heart.
As for the name of this formation, given that Zhan’s family members are ruthless and don’t talk much, there is naturally nothing to highlight.
“Four Styles·Sword Formation.”
The light of the sword soars into the sky, and the waterfall of light flows upstream.
In an instant, the sky and the earth were all white when he raised his eyes. The brilliant sword force carried the power of destroying the heaven and the earth, defeating the small world in an instant, destroying the heaven and earth and restoring them to their original state.
Xia Yuechan, who was watching, was secretly frightened, thinking that if he took this move, he might not escape death.
In comparison, Zhu Xun was much calmer. With his ability, Zhan Lexian could cut him down with just one sword move, and there was no need for this sword formation at all.
/As long as I’m good enough, I don’t have to worry about the enemy dealing with me seriously!
What Zhu Xun was worried about were his colleagues in the Presbyterian Council. There were overt and covert leaders of the Emperor’s Supreme Sect in Luzhou. There were six people in total, all of whom were in the Fusion stage, and there were seniors from the Zhu family who were at the level of Grand Elder.
If the elders of Tianjian Sect were capable o