n with wide eyes.

Liu Changan smiled. The white anise in front of him looked a bit like a cat or dog that was wary of being touched by strangers.
“Okay, let me ask, why are you here?” Bai Hui said in a casual tone, lest he think she was asking him to explain.
“She’s drunk, I’ll send her back.”
“I’m here to pick up a bag. My cousin helped me purchase a very cute bag.” Bai Hui pulled Liu Changan, “Just so I can take care of her.”
/“Then why are you dragging me along?”
“Maybe she’s drunk and feels uncomfortable or something, and needs help.” Bai Hui opened the door and pulled Liu Changan in.
Zhongqing’s mother has settled in Taiwan, and Zhongqing has no intention of returning to Junsha. Naturally, she has no plans to buy a house in Junsha. She still lives in the long private room of the hotel as a senior manager of Baojun Group. inside.
The convenience of long private rooms in the hotel is that according to the signed agreement, you can enjoy the convenience of many hotel services, which is very suitable for busy business people.
Bai Hui has considered renting a private room in a hotel, but even though Bai Hui is a rich young woman, she is a little reluctant to stay there for a long time. Although inferior hotels are cheap, Bai Hui doesn’t like them, and suites in top hotels are too expensive. .
Zhongqing lived in the suite. Bai Hui dragged Liu Changan in. Liu Changan did not resist and followed her.
“Why is she lying on the ground?” Bai Hui looked back at Liu Changan in surprise, and then quickly walked over to help Zhongqing.
Liu Changan looked at the room status data on the wall. The humidity, temperature, and air health were all very standard.
“Help me!”
The drunk man was dead, Bai Hui said hello, and Liu Changan came over to help. Without Bai Hui’s help, he took one of Zhong Qing’s arms and one leg and put Zhong Qing on the bed.
“Can’t you hold her like a princess?” Bai Hui felt that in Liu Changan’s eyes, his cousin was treated like a dead animal.
“It’s easy.” Liu Changan said slightly apologetically.
Bai Hui didn’t care too much, because she remembered that that time she fell into the lake, Liu Changan also casually carried her in his hand to give first aid. This man was not very careful with the beauty.
But Liu Changan is so strong. It is impossible for ordinary people to achieve this level. It is as if what he is holding is a doll instead of a person weighing more than 100 kilograms.
Bai Hui felt that she was like a doll at that time, as light as a doll and as cute as a doll, but Liu Changan didn’t know how to show mercy to her.
Bai Hui helped Zhong Qing adjust her lying position. She found that her cousin was only wearing a camisole. The camisole seemed to be about to be taken off, and the coat fell to the ground.
A glass of water was poured by the bedside.
It was quite calm and indifferent.
/But wasn’t this calmness and indifference a bit too deliberate in the scene at that time? Bai Hui couldn’t help but start thinking wildly again. Can he control himself and not think too much?
“Did sh