In an ordinary family, when there is someone outside the man, the first wife will often get angry at the vixen, thinking that the vixen has seduced the man. As long as the vixen is dealt with, the man will still come back. But now my situation is still a little different. It wasn’t that he was so distracted by An Nuan, but that he no longer had the same affection for her that he had in the past.

Su Nanxiu stepped back step by step, walked to the training ground, and put on his helmet.
Liu Changan saw the thin scales on her armor moving in layers, like swimming snakes. The beauty’s body exuded a dangerous beauty. She held two swords in both hands. She didn’t put on any posture, just stood there normally. Looked at Liu Changan.
The front of her helmet was a fully transparent viewing window, and Liu Changan could see the slightly raised corners of her mouth and wild eyebrows.
She looked very confident. Liu Changan estimated that most of her estimates of his ability data came from the video of him playing in the gym. Through his action data in the video, a lot of information can naturally be obtained.
She would probably make a certain estimate and judge that he had retained his strength at that time, but even if she overestimated his strength based on this, she would still have the confidence to compete with him.
Liu Changan rushed over and punched her in the middle of the chest.
/Su Nanxiu actually reacted and retreated, but her fist was like a precision-guided missile, carrying strong airflow and impacting it, as if the impact of his movement was at the place where she retreated. Yes, Su Nanxiu looked at his cheek so close, with a slight smile on the corner of her mouth, she raised her wrist and swept the long knife across.
The light of the knife was like the flying long hair of a beautiful woman looking back, but it carried a cruel will towards flesh and blood. It was so sharp that it could cut the skin of a person without even touching it, and a drop of blood would flow out.
Liu Changan withdrew his fist and did not try to let her chop his forearm. After all, he was wearing long sleeves.
Su Nanxiu forced back Liu Changan’s fist with a knife, and the unbridled pride in her eyebrows became even higher. She thought that she had stabbed Liu Changan with a similar knife back then, but she was surprised to find that he was like a monster without leaving a drop of blood, but today he avoided her Edge.
Is this a happy thing? She would rather he still refused to dodge, then pushed her down and made her pay the price without any explanation.
“With your strength and speed, if Spider-Man didn’t have spider silk and spider suit, he would probably be chopped into pieces by you.” It was Liu Changan’s turn to retreat. In fact, he didn’t know what kind of strength Spider-Man was, but he felt that Su Nanxiu This strength was a bit beyond his expectation. It was not at the same level as black and white twin sisters. Even the S-class transformed people she developed were still far behind.
“Pork belly slices? I’m not intere