normality that you discovered that only sucking human blood can relieve such abnormality. Abnormal?” Liu Changan then asked.

“Yes. At first, I always felt some unspeakable impulses in my body. The blood flow was accelerating, the blood vessels were expanding, and they were bulging under the skin. The beating of the heart sometimes accelerated and sometimes slowed down. Sometimes I felt very hungry. I am thirsty, and sometimes I have no appetite and will not be thirsty for days or nights. Accompanying these conditions, my mood fluctuates. Sometimes I am very excited, sometimes I am lifeless. Even so, I can still maintain a normal appearance. It looked like life was the same as before,” Mrs. Karnstein recalled with squinted eyes, “but familiar people would still notice something strange about me. In the end, I left the opera house and lied about being my father’s girlfriend, and gained Mr. Isaac’s trust. Got a different job.”
“Isaac Newton?”
“Yes, the same Mr. Isaac who listed 58 crimes he had committed in his life when he was 19 years old, including threatening his father and mother to set fire to the house and burn them to death.”
“Actually, it’s not a lie. I have many girlfriends in London. Your behavior when I was in trouble makes you more qualified to be called my girlfriend than them. At least I am willing to use my own blood to save you. This is very important to me. Talking is not something you do casually.” Liu Changan nodded, as if he was telling someone else’s story.
/There was some warm joy on Mrs. Karnstein’s mature cheeks, and she continued: “Once Mr. Isaac asked me to prepare an academic dinner for the gentlemen of the Royal Society, and they also conducted a blood exchange experiment. I saw The blood in a test tube probably made me a real vampire from then on, and my thirst for blood lasted until the 1980s.”
/“Then Su Nanxiu is also Su Mei, and she has now become a vampire?” Liu Changan understood that his blood could not only restore the damaged bodies of some people, but could even cause mutations in some people, such as the one in front of him. The vampire Su Nanxiu has been studying this kind of mutation. Now Su Nanxiu has probably mastered the basic principles of this kind of mutation, and can even use it clinically on humans.
“Yes.” Mrs. Karnstein looked at Liu Changan with a complicated expression.
“Is her technique difficult? How much does it cost?” Liu Changan thought for a moment. If this technique were to be made public, everyone would know the impact it would cause. However, regardless of the difficulty and cost, it seems that everyone can do it. It is meaningless to discuss the consequences profitably. Liu Changan does not think that this is a very simple technology that can meet the needs of the public without too many restrictions.
“This technology has a basic condition, which is the most important thing.”
“Adaptive screening?” Liu Changan felt that this was normal. It could not be suitable for everyone. It was like Mrs. Karnstein was not the only one who absorbed his blood, but