s at this moment when Chu Weiyang had insight, when the Taoist’s eyes were like lightning, he stopped at the end of the road to heaven, and then looked into the darkness and silence.

At this moment, under their gaze, a primitive ferocious beast was completely destroyed in Chu Weiyang’s hands. When even the essence of its existence was completely erased, the prey had become He became a hunter, and he was a hunter who mastered the comprehensive method of killing to the level of imperfection.
In the darkness and silence, one after another, the ferocious and primitive beasts with peculiar beauty reveal their ferocious appearance in this process, and again in a process of demonstration and shock. , they retreated one after another. They were leaving this node of years and Sumeru, and in the process, they hid their form, spirit, and Taoism in the darkness and silence.
Also retreating were three primitive ferocious beasts that were very close to Chu Weiyang. Amidst the chaos of their auras, they looked a little hasty.
The crisis in the old sea frontier was cleared at this moment.
And it was at this moment when Chu Weiyang turned around, jumped out with one step, and completely shattered the Tatian Road into a storm, and then was smoothed out by the gentle stirring of the black and yellow bamboo stick. When going.
It was the power of the years and years that had been frozen earlier that was completely gone.
And in the dissipating storm, the Taoist turned around and slowly walked towards the dim ocean of the present world.
However, Chu Weiyang had walked across the sky from the edge of the sea in the old world earlier, but in the fierce and transcendent fight, and the two turbulent storms clashing, Chu Weiyang turned around now. When he returned to his physical form, after returning to the troubled world, the place where he stood was slightly tilted.
That is no longer the sea frontier of the old world.
At this moment, under the Taoist’s feet, a deep whirlpool seemed to point directly to the bottom of the thick and turbulent ocean. It was stirring the power of the birth and death of all phenomena, showing Chu Weiyang the supreme power of nature and Taoism.
This was the place where Taoists in the past went to learn Taoism and enlightenment in the depths of the vastness. He once uprooted the ancient world from here, and the natural disasters it caused have not been eliminated to this day.
So, during that flash of surprise, Chu Weiyang showed an expression of relief again.
Maybe it’s God’s will.
It was at the moment when Chu Weiyang expressed such emotion that the Taoist suddenly turned around.
It is clear that it is vast and far away from the sea of ????the old world, but after realizing the transcendent level, the scale of time and Xumi itself has truly lost its meaning to Chu Weiyang.
So when I turn around and look back at this moment, the Taoist’s true insight is as if the sea territory of the old world is behind me.
/And the cultivators who had just escaped from the catastrophe of world destruction were also