had the idea of ????robbing homes and houses.

He was not so bold as to attack the Holy Land Treasure Pavilion, but he was thinking about the Lezi man next door. The rich woman had so many magic weapons that she could manage her food and drink for three months with one job.
“Make a note first, and wait until she is alone before taking action.”
After completing the practice of the magical power of Tiangui Xuanjian, Lu Bei took a look at the inventory of 20,000 skill points and reluctantly allocated half of it to practice the Infinite Heart Sutra taught by the Eclipse Demon Buddha.
But before that, he had to deduce the step-by-step method of growing lotus to perfection.
“Qualification, let me use it.”
With tens of billions of qualifications, Lu Bei is very wealthy and can perform the step-by-step lotus cultivation method to perfection in one breath.
[You have understood the method of growing lotus step by step, achieved success, and gained strength.
/[You have gained huge benefits by meditating on the Step by Step Lotus Growing Technique, with total experience +30 million, cultivation level +26000, and health +26000]
[You understand the method of growing lotus step by step, break through the realm of skills, and condense the magic weapon ‘Three-grade Lotus Platform’]
[Step by Step Lotus Dharma Level 25 (Perfect)]
“Three-grade lotus platform”
Lu Bei raised his brows, and as he thought, a halo of light flashed across his feet, revealing a white lotus platform.
“I see, the so-called lotus growing step by step refers to it.”
“Wait a minute!”
“Isn’t this a magic weapon that can bring my life together? I’m a Taoist cultivator!”
Through the deduction of the magic weapons, Lu Beiman calculated that there were three in total.
They are the Earth Element Bead in Qingqiu Right Formation Chapter, the Third-Rank Lotus Platform of Step by Step Lotus Creation Technique, and the Demon Creation Tower of the Great Wilderness Demon Creation Secret Record. The first two are obtained by deducing the skills to perfection, and the Demon Creation Tower is for refining the demon clan. The essential thing for bloodline has always been stored in his body, which can strengthen the basic defense, but it cannot be sacrificed outside the body like other magic weapons.
Lu Bei has always believed that the Demon Evolution Tower is his way. Now it seems that the third-level lotus platform has a promising future. As the level continues to improve, it may be promoted to the ninth or even twelfth level.
“The poor monk has only heard of the twelve-grade golden lotus. There may be the twelve-grade white lotus, but Buddhism emphasizes that the Buddha relies on gold. Why is the poor monk’s white lotus?”
Speaking of white, Lu Bei subconsciously thought of the giant white lotus in the small world, and suspected that his soul was contaminated. The third-grade lotus platform that was supposed to be golden turned white because of lack of ink.
“It makes sense. After all, I have no demonic thoughts. I am as pure as a piece of white paper