onship with you?” Liu Changan really didn’t hear the meaning behind it. Is it necessary to suggest these things to complete strangers?

“I didn’t think too much about it. Under normal circumstances, if someone asks her if she knows me, wouldn’t it be enough if she says yes or no? Is it necessary to introduce the relationship between her boyfriend and the person in the photo to a stranger?” Qin Yanan shook. She shook her head and said, “You think too little. A little girl like An Nuan just has a lot on her mind. She just wants to let as many people as possible know that you are her boyfriend, no matter whether it is useful or not. You just Her boyfriend, maybe in the future when others see you and me together, they will have an idea: Look, that person is An Nuan’s boyfriend we met last time, and the one next to him is his cousin, not his daughter Friend, I have no ambiguous relationship with him.”
Liu Changan opened his mouth slightly and fell into deep thought.
“You see, her tricks are not useless, and they came into effect today. She told the three people just now last time, didn’t you meet them again today?” Qin Yanan then raised his head and glanced at the other end of the waiting room. Three people, “What they were thinking just now was the message An Nuan conveyed to them: Oh, they met this man again, and his girlfriend didn’t come. Although the woman next to him is good-looking and has a good figure, she is just this The man’s cousin.”
Liu Changan cupped his hands, fully expressing their admiration.
“I understand. I also have ways to counter her, but I won’t do that.” Qin Yanan tugged on his sleeves, leaned over and looked at him, and said softly: “Am I good?”
/The charm of a girl and the shyness of a mature woman have always been the beauty of the heart. In fact, coquettishness is not just for girls. While maintaining a delicate and elegant image, a mature woman occasionally shows her coquettish appearance, which is always particularly pleasing to the eye. What’s more, Qin Yanan is actually Ye Sijin. , is a beautiful woman that Liu Changan thinks can be ranked alongside An Nuan.
“Be good, be good.” Liu Changan raised his hand and pressed Qin Yanan’s head, recalling briefly, “You are good today, but you might as well give in before. I remembered something, that day you had a leak. ”
“I didn’t!” Qin Yanan’s cheeks turned red. What he was talking about was that he sent wild boar meat that day, and An Nuan’s follower also came over. Qin Yanan spent a little effort and successfully let An Nuan stay overnight. At the same time, he tried to use his mature woman to stunning An Nuan’s body was attacked by dimensionality reduction, but something went wrong and he suddenly became abnormal and his body became much slimmer.
Even so, it is much better than An Nuan’s mediocre one.
The most important thing, Qin Yanan thought that everyone had a tacit agreement not to remind the other person of what happened that night, because he wanted to suddenly run into the hot spring room while she was playing in the water.