doesn’t know that his father and “An Nuan” are netizens who chat very well, and they don’t know either. This “An Nuan” is actually Liu Yuewang. They don’t have any communication with each other in this regard. Who has nothing to do but tell their children about things like chatting with netizens?

But how could this uncle not know that his son’s name is Liu Changan? When he was chatting with him, he had mentioned Liu Changan’s name. No wonder he told many times when An Nuan was about to break up with Liu Changan, this uncle always said He tried his best to defend Liu Changan, and his occasional support seemed more like casual perfunctory.
/What about An Nuan and Liu Changan? What do they know? Liu Yuewang found that her mind was confused. She couldn’t figure out this messy identity change.
Forget it, why do you think so much? There is a chance to test whether Liu Changan is the boy who took the wishing card that day.
“Ice jelly noodles are the best.” Han Zhizhi said greedily.
“My mother likes to put wolfberry in the cold noodles she makes,” Zhang Taole said.
“Everyone should eat wolfberry.” Liu Changan said.
Liu Yuewang came back to her senses, “I heard that the cold powder is mixed with foot washing water. You must not eat it. It is very unhygienic. You might die if you eat it.”
“Mom, according to the articles you collected in Moments, you have nothing to eat except the green onions you grew on your balcony.” An Nuan said unreasonably. Her mother was obviously a high-level intellectual, but she seemed like Grandpas and grandmas of that age also like to take what they see on marketing accounts on WeChat Moments seriously.
Last time, Liu Yuewang actually forwarded a rumor to An Nuan that he secretly deducted 80 cents for every like on WeChat through the operator.
An Nuan couldn’t delete her mother, so she had to block her circle of friends, but there was no way to stop her from sending it directly.
“I would rather believe it or not. I have made a reservation tonight. The restaurant’s kitchen process is fully visible. Each kitchen operator has a camera to record the perspective video. I will watch them cooking.” Although the price of this restaurant is also very expensive, Liu Yuewang thinks it is worth it, and she usually does not eat out.
“Mother Liu spent a lot of money.” Zhang Taole was not polite, but he was very obedient to please.
“I know this restaurant, it’s popular! I’m going to have a big meal today!” Han Zhizhi has a special relationship with the An Nuan family, so of course she just wants to eat.
“These restaurants are all full of gimmicks. I don’t think the food they serve may be as delicious as Liu Changan’s.” An Nuan said nonchalantly.
“Do you mind if I bring ingredients and use your kitchen when I have the chance?” Liu Changan said to An Nuan.
“Let their little mouths know how powerful you are.” An Nuan said with some pride.
/Liu Yuewang pursed his lips, remembering some of the interactive plots between the male and female protagonists about Xiaozui in a romance novel he read yesterday,