pointed behind him.

Liu Changan then turned around and found that Zhou Shuling and Zhou Dongdong were grabbing the tablet to play with!
“Mom, go watch TV!”
“No, this game is fun. I’ll give it to you after playing it for a while.”
“You don’t even know how to play, and you don’t even pick up those gold coins!”
/“I want to pick up the blood bottle!”
/“You’re dead again!”
“I’ll play it again, and I won’t die this time!”
Liu Changan took off the paper circle on his face. This was completely different from what he expected. He didn’t even consider Zhou Shuling, a little mother who would compete with her children for tablets to play with!
Can I still return a tablet that has been opened? Liu Changan thought this and silently opened the STEAM icon.
Letting Shangguan Dandan play here, Liu Changan took Zhou Dongdong, who also had no fun because he failed to fight for the tablet, to sit down at the dining table to eat.
As soon as the two of them sat down, Shangguan Dandan and Zhou Shuling came over to eat. After all, eating together is more important. How can we delay eating because of playing games?
After finishing the meal, Liu Changan experimented with the behavior patterns of these three animals several times.
When he goes to use the computer, Shangguan Dandan will definitely come to join in the fun.
When he went to play with his tablet, Zhou Dongdong and Zhou Shuling went to grab his computer. Zhou Dongdong wanted to play games, but Zhou Shuling wanted to see the photos Liu Changan had edited for her.
At this time, Shangguan Dantan asked to play a game with him that two people could share a tablet computer.
When Liu Changan wanted to play a joint game with Zhou Dongdong, Shangguan Dandan lay on his back like a turtle shell, while Zhou Shuling came to direct Zhou Dongdong and even tried to play in her place.
Only when Liu Changan and Zhou Shuling play games together will Shangguan Dandan and Zhou Dongdong run to play on the computer together.
Anyway, after a while, Liu Changan took the three of them out for a walk. What’s so fun about computers and what’s so fun about tablets?
Shangguan Dandan and Zhou Dongdong held hands, kicked their legs and waved their hands in perfect sync, jumping and jumping ahead.
Zhou Dongdong has short legs, but Shangguan Dandan is an elegant queen mother with short steps, so the two can coordinate their steps.
“I’ll go to the amusement park to check out the spots tomorrow, and I’ll take you three with me next time. You haven’t been to the amusement park yet, right?” Liu Changan and Zhou Shuling walked behind.
“When I was a kid, there were big trucks that brought a lot of amusement facilities to the town. They would be there for half a month or even longer. There were also carousels and the like. Does that count?” After Zhou Shuling finished speaking, she immediately added, “But even this counts. You also want to take us to the amusement park!”
Zhou Shuling’s favorite thing was to go out with Liu Changan. The happiest experience she had ever had since she was a child was when