e left behind the so-called method of longevity. When it came to Liu Che’s generation, what he later regretted was that he succeeded to the throne. After that, he let me go. When his dream of immortality became too strong to contain when he was old, he could no longer find me.”

Zhu Juntang turned around, the same position, the same night, the same people, the dream-like scene finally reappeared to tell her that it was what really happened, the man who jumped from a 450-meter-high building The miraculous man did not fall to death or turn into meat. He appeared neatly in front of her and talked about immortality.
This time Zhu Juntang will no longer think that he is talking nonsense.
Zhu Juntang looked at Liu Changan seriously. She had imagined many times when she and Liu Changan would meet again. Would she be excited, reserved, or simply threaten him like the previous emperors and ask him to hand over his secret? source?
She just didn’t expect that Liu Changan would go back to the conversation he had with her before he jumped off that night, and then continued like this.
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With random thoughts in his mind, Liu Changan stopped talking, and Zhu Juntang came back to his senses: “Why don’t you continue?”
“Later I became Liu He, Liu Che’s grandson, and I became emperor for a few days. Then I was deposed by the little girl from the Shangguan family, but I was never locked up easily again. I was forced to do nothing. I struggled and struggled for a while to survive until now.”
“what’s next?”
“No, I can’t make it up anymore.”
Liu Changan and Zhu Juntang looked at each other.
Liu Changan’s eyes were dark and shining, while Zhu Juntang’s eyes were large, like a cat, with a slightly reflective feel, which made her eyes appear extra bright and energetic. She squinted her eyes and fluttered her eyelashes, The eyes became narrow and long, with the charm of a girl.
The night wind gradually became stronger. Zhu Juntang’s round and straight legs were close together, as if even the light could not pass through. The white stockings were warm and eye-catching in the night, and the fluffy skirt looked like parting grass stepped on by butterflies. The petals were swaying like flowers. Zhu Juntang stretched out his hand and pointed downstairs: “You can jump off the building and show me.”
“No.” Liu Changan refused without hesitation, “I will dance if you ask me to?”
This was what Zhu Juntang said to Liu Chang’an back then. She didn’t expect that he would actually remember it. Zhu Juntang didn’t care about his pettiness. Her emotions at this moment were very complicated.
“You danced casually that night!”
I was a little excited, but it was suppressed, and the wind was blowing, so I could calm down a little.
It felt absurd and like a dream. I doubted myself and Liu Changan in front of me, and wanted to confirm it again.
What she most wants to see is that she is standing