eard Xiaotang and Zhongqing talk about you. You are a good boy.” Su Mei nodded lightly. According to Zhu Juntang’s plan, Bai Hui is a capable person in her bamboo family. Su Mei did not have any at this time. Say more to your mood.

Zhong Qing, Jin Xiaomei and Zhang Xinhan were also there. Zhongqing was checking information, and compared to Jin Xiaomei’s vaguely serious expression, Zhang Xinhan was obviously a little confused.
Zhongqing pulled Bai Hui and asked Jin Xiaomei to take Bai Hui with her later.
Jin Xiaomei was a little uneasy. As Zhu Juntang’s personal assistant, no matter how slow she was, she still felt something was wrong with that little sheep. Especially today’s battle was enough to illustrate some problems. She was very worried about Zhu Juntang’s personal safety, just like the emperor. The eunuchs were most afraid of the emperor’s death.
Her future depends entirely on Zhu Juntang. If Zhu Juntang disappears, Su Mei will most likely not keep her by her side, so as not to think of Zhu Juntang when he sees her.
She has insufficient experience and experience, and it is impossible for her to leave the Secretariat and work alone like Zhong Qing. She probably still retains her professional level and is marginalized in the Secretariat, and her salary and benefits will not be reduced, but no one will take her seriously from now on. Things, compared with the current hotness and everyone’s flattery, the feeling of being small and transparent is very uncomfortable.
As for Zhang Xinhan, the expression on his face was completely confused. Is everyone making such a big move just to save a sheep? Was it the one who ran to Building 2 yesterday morning? It is said that it is the third lady’s most beloved pet, but it’s not like even the third wife personally goes out to take care of it!
She originally tried to ask Zhong Qing and Gao Shou who might know the inside story, but neither of them said a word. Zhang Xinhan immediately felt that she had been squeezed out of the third wife’s side. Fortunately, the third wife had reminded her, so Zhang Xinhan Her own observation and understanding showed that she had no intention of guarding against or alienating her.
/“Without further ado, let’s set off.” Liu Changan glanced at them and bowed his hands towards the bread people, “Please, everyone, thank you for your hard work.”
After Liu Changan finished speaking, he and Su Mei Zhongqing boarded the helicopter. Jin Xiaomei took Bai Hui and Zhang Xinhan to the next one.
Gao Shou watched the first two helicopters take off and shouted: “This mission is very important. The third lady is usually very kind to everyone. Now is the time for you to show your true skills!”
/After saying that, Gao Shou patted the pocket on his chest hard, and the bleating speaker inside suddenly screamed.
The bakers were so excited that they also patted their chest pockets hard, and suddenly the whole top floor bleated and shouted.
“Baa! Baa baa!” Several breadmen forgot to bring their baa speakers and hurriedly shouted to show their loyalty to th