Xiao Tianzun wanted to kill him, he had to help him regain his memory. To help him recover his memory, we must help him break the seal!

Obviously, Little Tianzun thought it would be more enjoyable to help Xu Ying recover his memory and then kill Xu Ying!
If Xu Ying is ignorant and knows nothing about what he has done in the past, what is the difference between killing him and killing a chicken? After killing him, I will regret it when I think back and wish I could dig him out of the grave and kill him again and again!
“If he doesn’t help me break the seal, he won’t kill me. If he can’t break the seal, he won’t kill me!”
Xu Ying felt relieved, “It’s certainly a good thing to have such a fairy king-level being to help me break the seal. With his wisdom, he shouldn’t be able to completely break it.”
The seal promised not four runes, but twenty-four runes!
/So no matter how you calculate it, Xu Ying won’t lose!
Hu Zhuojun followed the two of them, feeling a little puzzled. This pair of master and disciple were so weird. They talked like they were guessing riddles, which gave her a very uneasy feeling.
She always felt there was a story in it.
After a long time, they finally arrived at Lihenyuan. Suddenly someone exclaimed: “Purple-clothed Divine Lord Chu Tiandu! Divine Lord Chu Tiandu has appeared!”
Xu Ying unconsciously touched his face and asked in surprise: “I was recognized so quickly?”
Many Demon Qi Refiners swarmed forward and rushed past them. Some people heard Xu Ying’s words and looked at Xun Sheng, and sneered: “There is also a fake here! He pretends to be very similar!”
Hu Zhuojun was furious: “Stop your dog eyes, this is the Purple-clothed Divine Lord Chu Tiandu! The white-clothed scholar next to him is the Little Heavenly Lord!”
“How dare you even pretend to be the little Tianzun? You are old people who have hanged themselves, and you are tired of living!”
Everyone sneered, “In the past few days, there have been between 100 and 80 people pretending to be the God Lord Chu Tiandu in the city. It’s not surprising. But the Chu Tiandu who appeared this time is the real Purple-clothed God Lord! Because he can use 40,000 The magical power that no one has understood for years, the Eight Wastelands Sun Refining Furnace!”
“The Purple-clothed Divine Lord is proficient in the Eight Desolate Sun-Refining Furnaces. He fought against the three masters of all heavens and realms in the Land of Daoqi and defeated them with one move! There are many people pretending to be the Purple-clothed Divine Marquis in the past few days, and they cannot use the Eight Desolate Sun-Refining Furnaces. ,all fake!”
“These three bastards, not only pretending to be the Purple God Lord, but also pretending to be the Little Heavenly Lord! I have to teach them a lesson! That one in white clothes, come out!”
“Come on, hurry up! Don’t cause trouble! Shenhou Chu Tiandu has accepted the challenge from Nalandu, the master of Wei Xu, let’s go quickly!”
“Those in white clothes, you are lucky, I will let you live!”
Hu Zhuojun and Xu Yi