the people in front of him. “Ye Chenyu”, this person is extremely powerful, but he seems to have just come out of some isolated world. His vision does not match his level of power. He does not even know Mrs. Karnstein.

When facing Liu Changan, Pu Shougeng at least fought back and forth a lot. Even though Liu Changan was able to do it with ease, it was already a long time before he finally defeated Pu Shougeng. However, the “Ye Chenyu” in front of him won with one blow, and Pu Shougeng had no chance of winning.
With the number 55, Pu Shougeng always felt that he wanted to connect this number with some key information.
“I want to meet her, can you help me contact her?” Liu Changan looked at Pu Shougeng’s twinkling pupils expectantly.
/“I have no choice. Even her subordinates are separated from her by many levels. Only when her subordinates come to me can I know what she wants from me, and her subordinates will not let me take the initiative to contact her. Pu Shougeng said unwillingly, “For her, I am not even qualified to be a pawn in her sphere of influence.”
“This kind of person is so annoying, isn’t it?” Liu Chang’an also nodded with great approval, “This kind of person should be baptized by the wave of proletarian revolution and let her fall from the position she thinks she is superior to.”
“She is a foreigner, how can she accept our tricks? In the eyes of these foreigners, class must be stable.” Pu Shougeng endured the pain and chatted with “Ye Chenyu” in front of him, although his massage had already made Pu Shougeng I felt much better, but it was impossible to eliminate all the pain just like that. Pu Shougeng was also a little worried that this man might be moody, so he had to follow his words.
“Then it seems that I can only let her come to me on her own initiative.” Liu Changan thought to himself that Mrs. Karnstein had actually targeted him, but she did not come forward in person and remained behind the scenes.
Liu Changan wanted to meet her in person and see her. As for the people under her, how powerful she was, and what her purpose was, Liu Changan had no interest in these things at all.
But there is no clue to find this lady. It feels much more difficult than entering the palace to see the emperor and the emperor’s beautiful concubines.
“You can try to contact Mrs. Karnstein through the third wife.” Pu Shougeng thought, and suddenly realized a shocking possibility.
The number “five” has a strong special meaning. In Chinese vocabulary, from two, from yi, “two” represents heaven and earth, and “yi” means interlacing. The original meaning is that the yin and yang of heaven and earth are crisscrossed. Xu Shen’s “Shuowen” records : Five, Yin and Yang meet at noon between heaven and earth.
Therefore, many times the control system for a certain balance in the world is “five”. For example, the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council are five, not six, nor four.
It just so happened that I had never heard of that full name, but Pu Shougeng had heard of the “Five Permanent Persons” by c