the immortal immortal who has lived for thousands of lives so naive?”

Zhou Tianzi smiled and said: “He seems to have lived much longer than us, but most of his life he was just a country boy, innocent and inexperienced.”
/Taishi Jiang smiled and said: “Fellow Daoist Xu, the world you imagined does not exist in this world. What you think is naive after all.”
Xu Ying thought for a while and said with a smile: “What you two are saying is that I spend most of my time herding cattle and sheep, and sometimes I catch snakes. My parents treat me as a child. You said I don’t understand very well. Too naive, come to think of it, I am really too naive.”
He sometimes needs to ask An Qi for advice, which shows that he is indeed very naive.
They returned to the Cangwu Abyss, and a Qi Refiner from the Great Zhou Dynasty reported back, saying: “Your Majesty, we found traces of the God of Heaven He Bo in the Heping Heaven.”
Everyone rushed to Hepingdongtian, only to see the floods here, destroying homes, losing food, and the land was like a vast ocean. People were trapped in the mountains and had to offer sacrifices to the water god Hebo.
Xu Ying didn’t say much, he came directly to him, suppressed He Bo, analyzed the heavenly runes on his body one by one, then destroyed the runes, and knocked He Bo down to earth.
He did not kill He Bo. The angry people swarmed He Bo and cut him into pieces with thousands of knives.
There are as many as three thousand Qi refiners in the Great Zhou Dynasty, and they search all over the world with great efficiency.
Xu Ying eradicated the water god He Bo on one side and found the thunder god on the other side.
The God of Thunder controls the sky thunder, plows the ground with thunder, kills countless living beings in the Jian’an world, and forces people to offer sacrifices and build temples for Him.
Xu Ying, Zhou Tianzi and others rushed over without stopping. Just after solving the Thunder God matter, the Great Zhou Qi Master found the Wind God to do evil in the world of Yonghan.
After getting rid of the God of Wind, another news came that the God of Fire set fire to the world of light and burned all living beings.
Xu Ying, Zhou Tianzi and others swept all the way and gradually accumulated more and more Heavenly Dao runes. In Xu Ying’s mind, more memories about Heavenly Dao were awakened one by one, and he mastered more and more Heavenly Dao runes. .
Now it is easier for him to use the Heavenly Dao Dojo. He can easily use the Heavenly Dao runes to lay out the dojo, and the Heavenly Dao incarnation becomes more and more powerful.
However, as time goes by, the longer the gods enjoy the incense of the human world, the stronger these gods become.
Especially when all the living beings in the world are gathered to offer sacrifices, the increase in divine power is even more terrifying!
Every time he pushed back one day, Xu Ying would feel the god’s magic power increase.
“These gods absorb the incense of the human world, and their cultivation strength will become closer and closer to their