rembled in pain, he lost his fighting ability, passed out, and became a prisoner of the grass on the grave.

As the little Tianzun walked towards the strange eye of Wei Xu, he reached out to grab the side of his body and said calmly: “We are sure to win this battle, so why threaten the enemy with hostages? Tianji”
/A huge ray of light soared into the sky, and fell into his hands the next moment. Little Tianzun’s aura surged. He held this rare weapon, and immediately rushed towards the strange eye in the sky with murderous intent!
In the strange eyes, the two Immortal Kings were already at a disadvantage, but when they suddenly saw Little Tianzun, they couldn’t help but become confused.
The eight masters clashed, and when the rabbit was up and the falcon was about to fall, the physical body and soul of the Five Ultimate Immortal Kings were all severely damaged.
As the minds of the two Immortal Kings were in turmoil, their dojos were destroyed, their chains were broken, and they had no strength to fight anymore!
Little Tianzun was resurrected, but before he could take action, the two immortal kings were defeated.
Demon God Pan grabbed the Huntian Treasure Umbrella, and was about to put the two Immortal Kings into the treasure umbrella to refine them into ashes. Suddenly, Little Tianzun’s face changed drastically, his body suddenly accelerated, and he rushed in front of the seven people!
He was resurrected from the dead and experienced reincarnation. Although he failed to learn the Taoist teachings of the reincarnated goddess, he made his own Taoist teachings more rounded and rounded, giving people a sense of reincarnation.
Demon God Pan, the four evil spirits of the Ling family, Taoist Wuliu and Xuan Yazi also sensed the danger in an instant. They did not bother to kill the two immortal kings, and immediately activated their magic weapons, sacrificed their souls, and prepared to prepare.
When Little Tianzun arrived, he pushed everyone’s momentum to its peak!
At this moment, in the Wei Xu Heavenly Eye, an extremely terrifying aura surged, and a huge shadow slowly emerged, appearing behind the two Immortal Kings.
In an instant, the sky and the earth tilted, the avenue twisted, and the sound of countless ghosts crying and howling came, like falling into the hell of mud and plowing, making people crazy and turning into demons!
Around that human-shaped shadow, there were countless shadows floating like tentacles, filling the sky like lines.
The strong corpse aura hit his face.
Everyone was immersed in the Taoist heart and became unstable. They suppressed the demonic nature of the Taoist heart. They were shocked and confused, and they felt that the corpse aura was getting stronger!
Beside An Qi, Fairy Gushe woke up and looked at the terrifying figure in the Wei Xu monster’s eyes. Suddenly her heart moved slightly: “That day when I was sorting out the cause and effect of Xu Ying, I noticed that there were several monsters in Wei Xu that were related to Xu Ying. There are giants connected by causal lines, is this