o he felt relieved and said: “I have been practicing the Cang Emperor’s Heart Sutra these days, and found that the soul can enter the realm of the Supreme along the Taishang Cave Abyss, travel in it, and communicate with the Supreme Way. Communicate. The way of the Supreme Being does not seem to be the way of immortality.”

Xu Jing saw that she had accepted the jade pendant and thought to herself: “It’s obvious that the man is in love with his concubine. All he had to do was break the window paper.”
/Xu Ying thought about it: “The Immortal Way in the Immortal Court is different from the Immortal Way in the Ancestral Court. The great avenue in the Supreme Realm should be the Immortal Way in the Ancestral Court.”
Qingqian continued to talk about his discovery, saying: “The Tao of the Supreme is extremely strange, vast, deep, and incomplete. Every time I travel to the Realm of the Supreme and come into contact with the Tao of the Supreme, there is always a kind of forgetfulness of things and myself, and I feel panic. The feeling of returning together. I saw many monks sitting and forgetting there. They were extremely ancient, some were infinitely powerful, beyond my knowledge, and some had become skeletons. So I always forced myself to wake up and leave the realm of the Supreme. , so as not to be assimilated into the Tao.”
Xu Ying and Xu Jing looked at each other with surprise.
The phenomenon Qingzhu mentioned has never appeared in the realm of Taixu.
Many of the other shores hidden in the realm of Taixu are actually phenomena nurtured by the Great Dao in the universe, such as the Black and Yellow Qi, the Sea of ??Chaos, and the Immortal Aura. These places will not be assimilated if they come into contact.
The Taishang Realm mentioned by Qingqiu can assimilate the monks, and the Taishang Dao is incomplete, which is also strange.
“The realm of Taishang should not be in the realm of Taixu.”
Xu Ying hesitated and said, “Miss Qingyu, can you give me a copy of the Cang Emperor’s Heart Sutra?”
/Qingqian nodded, gave him the copy he copied, and said: “I still have a stone slab here, which is the original version of Cang Emperor’s Heart Sutra.”
Xu Jing was delighted and thought to himself: “Exchanging skills is like exchanging love tokens.”
Suddenly, his heart moved slightly and he said with a smile: “A Ying, don’t let the girl stand in the wind. You go to Hunyuan Palace and talk slowly.”
Only then did Xu Ying wake up and quickly invited Qingzhen into the palace.
Xu Jing shook his head and said in a low voice: “I wish I could teach you step by step. The good friends who came here this time have extraordinary cultivation!”
He rose into the sky, and after a few ups and downs, he arrived on the Chongshan Mountain outside Hunyuan Palace. Looking from a distance, he saw a fairy light shining down from the sky. The fairy light concentrated on a tall man.
The man has a majestic appearance and a majestic manner. He holds a three-pointed two-edged sword. He is surrounded by an immortal dojo. In the dojo, countless chains ar