aken away by Gouzi Little Tianzun.”

Xu Ying was stunned: “You gave the things you fought so hard to grab to the little Tianzun like this?”
An Qi said aggrievedly: “He is your apprentice. He calls me Master Uncle and Master Qi. He calls me a senior. He gives me gifts and so on. He is so good at flattering me. I was so stunned by him that I lost my mind. All the treasures were given to him. He also said that he wanted to find someone to refining these immortal weapons, to imprint the heaven and earth avenue of the ancestral court, and to restore the heaven and earth. By then, I will be the meritorious saint of the ancestral court and so on.”
Xu Ying couldn’t help but shook his head and thought to himself: “Little Tianzun has also learned badly. It takes three years to learn well and three days to learn badly. He was good before, but who did he learn from recently?”
An Qi said: “I told him that I knew a heavenly craftsman who was very good at refining treasures, so I recommended Patriarch Chanchan to him. Then he ran to all the heavens and worlds to find Patriarch Chanchan.”
/Xu Ying frowned, then relaxed his brows and said with a smile: “Master Qi, don’t worry, there will be a way for the car to reach the mountain, and the boat will be straight when it reaches the bridge. There will definitely be a way. What does Master Qi want to eat or play recently?” Yes, go ahead and eat and play. Time is limited, why not hurry up and enjoy it?”
An Qi looked at the big clock with a sad face.
Dazhong comforted him: “What’s the point? Cut off the head and leave a big scar. Eighteen years later, it will be a good snake demon. By the way, Seventh Master, filial piety comes first. You don’t have any offspring yet, do you? Hurry up and find a female snake.” Snake, finish the matter and stay behind. Don’t leave too hastily.”
An Qi knew that they were full of bad intentions, so he ignored them.
Master Huolong and Han Zekang also came to Penglai, and they were extremely excited. This place is simply a fairyland, and they can receive fairy energy and fairy light everywhere.
The two masters and apprentices soon got together with the Seven Immortals of Penglai, causing them to look down upon them.
Xu Ying was relieved to see their master and apprentice settled down in Penglai. He felt guilty about Master Fire Dragon and Han Zekang. After all, it was because of his involvement that they could not survive in the Taishi world. There is a home that cannot be returned to.
/But for Master Fire Dragon’s master and disciple, Penglai is better. Because there were only two masters and apprentices left in the Condor Palace, so where else could they go?
“Xianzhu Xu, did you find anything in Yuxu Palace in Kunlun Realm?” The goddess found Xu Ying and asked with a smile.
Xu Ying asked in surprise: “What discovery?”
“For example, a Taoist or something.” The goddess smiled.
Xu Ying’s heart moved slightly: “Taoist?”
After he integrated the great avenues of heaven and earth in the Kunlun Realm, when he left, he indeed seemed to have seen a Tao