king and sacrifice the divine weapon of heaven!”

Xu Ying snorted coldly, raised his palm, wiped it towards the sky, and sneered: “Are you worthy of being called the Dao of Heaven, are you worthy of being called the God of Heaven? You are not worthy of being in charge of this Dao of Heaven! I’ll do it.”
He wiped it away with his palm, and three thousand heavenly runes suddenly appeared in the sky of the Mirror Lake World, wiping out all the passages between the Mirror Lake World and the Immortal World!
“Now it is called fairness! If you are allowed to rely on your connections to survive the catastrophe, how innocent are these qi masters who have died in the catastrophe for 48,000 years!”
Xu Ying’s body was floating in the air, and the incarnation of the Heavenly Dao looked down at the entire Mirror Lake world. He saw that there were dozens of places to overcome the tribulation, large and small. Those who were trying to overcome the tribulation were in a hurry, desperately resisting the heavenly tribulation.
In just a few moments, more than ten people were killed in the catastrophe!
At this moment, the sky was violently turbulent, and four new god kings were created in the world of heaven. They fell from the sky one after another and floated in mid-air, with the cloak of heaven trembling behind them.
/Behind them, three hundred and sixty gods emerged, each offering a divine weapon of heaven, with boundless power and murderous intent.
“The traitor promised, but you still dare to show up!”
The leader of the Xuanxing God King shouted, “Today I call you to kill! Kill!”
/Three hundred and sixty gods sacrificed the divine weapons of heaven and earth. For a moment, the power of heaven suppressed all the ways of heaven and earth in the world, and all kinds of magic weapons came towards Xu Ying!
Xu Ying sacrificed the Water and Fire Mixed Heaven Cauldron. The big cauldron floated in the air and flipped upside down. Swish, swish, rays of light flashed through. The many heavenly artifacts fell into the sea like mud cows, and disappeared into the cauldron.
Xu Ying’s palm met his sky-covering hand, and Xuanxing God King’s expression suddenly changed, and he felt that his thousands of heavenly runes were suddenly out of control!
His body trembled violently, and his body exploded with thousands of blood holes all over his body in an instant!
Without thinking, Xuanxing God King trembled with the Tiandao cloak behind him, like a sharp blade, slashing towards Xu Ying’s neck. Xu Ying raised his hand, and the Heavenly Dao Cloak suddenly stopped in front of him. The thousands of Heavenly Dao runes on the cloak were uncertain, and the runes were constantly changing.
Xuanxing God King felt that his cloak quickly lost its sensitivity and turned into the opponent’s cloak. He hurriedly turned around and ran away.
The cloak of heaven was like a sharp blade, passing behind him and passing through his thick neck!
The huge head of Xuanxing God King fell down, smashed into the world, and turned into a mountain.
The Taoist cl