ou Qiyun said leisurely: “Although they failed, their experience is rare.”

Xu Ying’s eyes flashed and he asked tentatively: “And you came to Yongzhou Xindi this time to find me and ask me to help you decipher the Qi Practitioner’s skills and solve the traps in your skills?”
Xu Ying was shocked and looked at his back.
Zhou Qiyun is by no means a kind person, but he is very charming for some reason.
Zhou Qiyun put his hands behind his back and looked up at the sky with bright eyes: “Although he has a mentorship with me, he intends to eat me. I can’t sit still and wait for death. I didn’t have the confidence to get rid of him in the past, but now I have it. Wuwu The battle on Shanyi was the first battle between me and him. Because I had to guard against another person, he ran away. But he will definitely come back.”
He took his time and said leisurely: “Next time, I won’t give him any chance.”
Xu Ying looked at him in disbelief and went to Yinting to negotiate with the Yinting Emperor. Could it be that Zhou Qiyun already had the fighting power of the Great Sage Emperor?
Zhou Qiyun said with a smile: “Wait until I kill the master of Niwan Palace. It’s too early now. Xu Ying, you stay with me and help me decipher the “Tuoyu Immortal Book”.”
“”Tuo Nu Immortal Book”?” Xu Ying was confused.
“My Zhou family got a fairy book from the ancient cave in Duqiao Mountain. It is extremely mysterious and obscure. The owner of the cave is called Tuo Nu, so it is called Tuo Nu Immortal Book.”
Zhou Qiyun said, “My Zhou family already has many talents who are deciphering the fairy books and deciphering a lot of useful contents. Xu Ying, if you have the talent to decipher the fairy books, my Zhou family will not treat you badly.”
Xu Ying’s eyes twitched and he said: “Senior Zhou kindly invites you, and he is my senior, so I will naturally not refuse. It’s just that I have killed Zhou Yang and Yi Hang, so I’m afraid there will be some misunderstandings when we get to the Zhou family.”
Zhou Qiyun shook his head and said, “They don’t dare to go too far with you.”
“Senior misunderstood.”
Xu Ying said calmly, “I mean, I will fight back.”
Zhou Qiyun took a deep look at him and said with a smile: “Those who dare to kill gods are indeed lawless. Just fight back.”
They walked out of the ruined temple world and returned to Shuikou Temple, only to see someone in Shuikou Temple. The young man in charge is Yuan Weiyang, with clear features and beautiful eyes, dressed in white and indigo. Behind him is the old servant Xiaobo in green.
The two were originally near Shuikou Temple. In order to rescue Xu Ying, they clashed with Zhou Yupo, but Zhou Yupo later escaped. The two chased for a long time, but failed to find Xu Ying and Zhou Yupo.
Just as Zhou Qiyun forcibly tore off the disguise of Shuikou Temple and revealed the Five Sacred Mountains, the two hurried to Shuikou Temple and unexpectedly met Xu Ying and his party.
/Yuan Weiyang’s eyes fell on Zhou Qiyun, his brows furrowed slightly, and he looked at Xu Ying again.
Uncle Xiao follo