e lunar sun and start the Taoist struggle; and the “Uncle Shang” who has planted the seeds of the Taoist return to the true way and started his own way of returning to the true truth, and is watered by the three elements of spirit, energy and spirit. .

But it was obvious that the young scholar’s moral dispute caused him great trouble.
Even during the current chase, Uncle Shang was roaring at the young scholar in a way that he could barely suppress his anger.
“For a person with a foreign surname, a slave with a foreign surname, do you want to treat me like this? Treat the elders of the Lu family? Treat your elders?”
However, it is true that Uncle Shang is very angry at this moment, but when he gets involved in the metaphysical field, all the realms of Taoism and Dharma cultivation will be thrown aside. The young scholar who has mastered the “true form” is far better than Uncle Shang in this field. It is more flexible. Not only can he penetrate and reveal his figure at will, but he can also stay in the mysterious realm for a much longer time than Uncle Shang.
On the contrary, Uncle Shang, to penetrate into the metaphysical realm, needs to first rejuvenate the seeds of the path to true truth that are still being cultivated. Along with staying in that field, all that is lost in every breath is the path to true truth. kind of background.
To the young scholar, it was just some kind of operation of Taoism, but to Uncle Shang, all that was delayed and delayed in every breath was the process of returning to his true nature and cultivating his path.
However, if one ignores the young scholar and allows him to interpret the Tao of the Taiyin and Sun confluences, the meaning of Taoism originating from the same origin means that the Taoist struggle that increases and decreases will still be Shang Bo’s loss.
“In the past few years, you have read too many Taoist books. Instead of thinking about it, you have become stupid after reading it!”
/During this time, almost every breath that passed was Uncle Shang’s anger continuously brewing and accumulating.
From the beginning to the end, the young scholar just pursed his lips and kept moving between the metaphysical realm and the real world. He was fully in control of his Taoism, and in the subtle subtleties, he seemed to be dancing on the tip of a knife.
However, the successive “no leaves touching his body” did not bring any joy to the young scholar. On the contrary, his face gradually became anxious.
Because such pursuit and escape process will not last forever, Shang Bo can continue to chase for a long time with his profound knowledge, but his tiny leap cannot allow for any mistakes.
He had to do his best to hold on.
One breath, two breaths, three breaths.
The young scholar You had not yet revealed his shortcomings and flaws, but at this moment, Uncle Shang completely lost his patience.
The chill on his back almost instantly made the young scholar’s body stiffen, which in turn caused the Taoist teachings inside to not function smoothly.
But at this moment, far away, in