Why don’t you get married today?”

Gushe and Yuan Tiangang suddenly had bad associations in their minds.
The goddess smiled and said: “Don’t think blindly, it’s better to be happy than happy. After today, there will be no tomorrow. I didn’t say that the fairy master will die, don’t make blind guesses!”
After an unknown amount of time, Xu Ying finally reached the top of the mountain despite his increasingly stronger cries. The green rock was very close in front of him. On the surface of the green rock, there were many branch-like textures that appeared and faded.
When Xu Ying arrived, it was difficult to come forward, so he sat down and contemplated the green rock here.
/The Taiyi Cave Abyss was like the bright moon without boundaries, but it was far larger than the bright moon. It hung behind him, shaking constantly under the pressure of the green rock, as if it was about to crack.
“Everything bad turns into good luck, every bad thing turns into good luck!”
The Goddess stared at the Cuiyan outside and murmured in a low voice, “If everything goes well this time, I will change my name to Feng Huaji when I go out! Wait a minute, the immortal will use the Taiyi Cave Abyss to shine like this. If the Supreme Immortal Emperor discovers it.”
When she thought of this, she immediately laughed and secretly cursed herself for being stupid.
“The Supreme Immortal Emperor is not in the Immortal Court, so how can he still come to this place where birds don’t poop?” She shook her head.
/The old man raised his head and looked towards the top of the mountain with faint eyes.
In the past few days, he had seen Xu Ying’s changes in his eyes, and he felt an inexplicable feeling of relief in his heart, as if he had seen his disciple come to life and grow under his guidance.
Suddenly, he felt something in his heart. He turned around and saw a tall old man walking from the darkness.
“A powerful existence.” He said silently in his heart.
The Supreme Immortal Emperor looked at the top of the mountain where Cuiyan was located, and saw Xu Ying sitting not far from Cuiyan. The majestic spiritual energy of Taiyi Cave Abyss poured into Xu Ying’s body.
He watched this scene with eager eyes.
Taiyi Cave Abyss transforms the nine powers of activity, consciousness, vitality, soul power, yin and yang, mind power, life and death, truth, and void into Hunyuan and refines it into Taiyi. It is so powerful and extraordinary!
“Six hundred thousand years of hard work has finally blossomed and yielded results.”
There were tears in the eyes of the Supreme Immortal Emperor. At this moment, he saw the hope of getting rid of being controlled.
Suddenly, he felt something in his heart and looked back.
The old man also felt something and looked back at the territory covered by the way of heaven.
The Ancestral God and Long Zhong have already arrived there, at the Shiquan Dao Gate.
“I have met two Taoist brothers, Tong Hao, the founder of the Shiquan Taoist sect.” The little fairy boy stepped forward and paid homage to the ancestor god and Long Zhong.