ng soda water.

Returning to her seat, Zhou Shuling saw that Shangguan Dantan was being beaten. Liu Changan took a chopstick and hit Shangguan Dantan on the head like a whack-a-mole. Shangguan Dandan shrank back after being hit. Now almost only his eyes were exposed. Desktop.
“What are you doing?” Zhou Shuling said quickly.
“He told me that there is a game console in the game hall that plays like this. After dinner, he will take us to the game hall to play.” Shangguan sat up and said expressionlessly.
“That’s right.” Liu Changan nodded.
“Can I go too?”
“Take you there.”
“Okay, I’ve been to the game arcade since I was in elementary school.” Zhou Shuling said happily.
Shangguan Dandan raised his hand to touch Zhou Shuling’s head. It was a bit difficult, so Zhou Shuling lowered his head slightly and let her touch her fully.
“By the way, I just saw Michael Michael and All-Star eating in a booth. The two of them ate very hot food. When I passed by, I heard them talking about the Big Eater Competition, but they didn’t see me. “Zhou Shuling couldn’t help laughing. These two people were really boring.
Liu Changan also laughed. It is really rare for a love rival to become a good friend. Maybe this is the difference between mature men and young boys. For many men, friendship is actually very attractive, no less. About love and the pursuit of the opposite sex.
After lunch, Zhou Shuling went to check out. During the meal, she applied for a food card, which offered a huge discount and a voucher. She was very happy when she found out that it was a very good deal.
Liu Changan went to say hello to All-Star Mi Gaoming. These two men really have discernment. A woman like Zhou Shuling who can easily make people happy because of the little things in life is indeed a very suitable family lover for them. pity
After leaving the restaurant, he went to the game room. Zhou Dongdong still occupied the throne under Liu Changan’s creaking nest.
Shangguan Dandan also wanted this, but Liu Changan reminded her that this was not elegant enough, so she reluctantly gave up her request.
After playing in the game arcade all afternoon before returning home, Liu Changan was a little surprised to see Li Hongfang under the plane tree.
“Come up and sit down.” Although she didn’t know him, she could tell that she was looking for Liu Changan, and Zhou Shuling invited her enthusiastically.
/“Go back and cook.” Liu Changan waved his hand and drove Zhou Shuling back.
“We don’t invite people to come up and sit down even if we have guests.” Zhou Shuling saw that Liu Changan was standing downstairs to talk, so she complained. She turned back and glanced at Li Hongfang a few more times before continuing to walk up the stairs. This woman seemed to be the same as herself. They are about the same age, and I don’t know if they are married or not. What do they want from Liu Changan?
/Zhou Dongdong stood in front of Li Hongfang, holding a rubber duck in both hands and looking up at the unknown aunt.
“Your milk ice cream is ready.” Liu Changan patted Zhou