fine. The Tao chains extending from the magic weapons were no different from the Tao chains of the Immortal King.

There is also a Taoist tree in the dojo that is half a Taoist chain and half a magic weapon, allowing Zulong’s cultivation strength to rise to the level of an Immortal Lord in a short time.
“Zhao Zheng, this is a heretic and not worthy of admiration.”
Wei Xu glanced at it and said, “You have gone astray. Please change your ways as soon as possible.”
Zu Long said: “Uncle Master, does he know my current cultivation level?”
Wei Xu glanced at him and clearly saw his level of cultivation, and said, “Nothing more than an Earth Immortal.”
Zu Long said: “I use the Earth Immortal Realm to master the power of the Immortal Lord, and understand the Immortal Lord Realm in advance, so that I can obtain the Taoist behavior like the Immortal Lord in the shortest time. Uncle Master, if I practice step by step, how long will it take me to reach the goal?” This step?”
Wei Xu said: “With your talent, if you have enough resources, you can cultivate to become an Immortal Lord within three to five thousand years.”
Zu Long said: “But I used this method to control the power and Taoism like an immortal king in three years. One side is three to five thousand years, and the other side is three years. If it were my uncle, he would How to choose?”
/Wei Xu shook his head and said: “My Taoist heart is eternal and I will not be tempted by such petty gains. Only the power you cultivate yourself is the real power. If it comes from external things, it is just in vain! The path you are taking, Much like Xu Ying, don’t imitate the villain.”
Zu Long didn’t know how Xu Ying became the villain in his mouth, and said: “What if I can use this method to achieve supreme power and Taoism within a thousand years? Can Uncle Master still be immune to temptation?”
Wei Xu’s expression suddenly changed, and he shook his head and said: “Impossible. You don’t know how difficult the realm of the Supreme is. If this realm could really be reached with a few magic weapons, then there wouldn’t be so many people trapped in the realm of the Heavenly Lord. , let alone any incompetent person who would turn to Daluo Jinxian.”
The incompetent person he mentioned obviously refers to the Changsheng Emperor.
Zu Long didn’t say much and didn’t argue with him.
At this moment, an earth-shaking loud noise came, and the terrifying fluctuations even reached here, causing the dragon energy to leak out along the abyss.
Zulong stood up and walked towards Longting.
Wei Xu grabbed a magic weapon, absorbed the spiritual power in the magic weapon and refined it, and said, “Did your teacher give you instructions when you returned to Longting?”
Zulong nodded slightly.
Wei Xu’s expression suddenly changed. Tianzun was extremely powerful, even stronger than when he was at his peak. However, Tianzun said that the Supreme Immortal Emperor could not count him. This sentence somewhat looked down upon himself.
/“I’m afraid every move Tianzun makes is part of senior brother’s