she can try to heal our wounds.”

The Ancestral God was also full of joy and said: “She is talented and intelligent. As long as she practices here for a year and a half, she will probably be able to understand the immortal soul and lay the foundation for the supreme realm.”
Not far from Yuan Weiyang is the Cuiyan Building Ship. Xu Ying honed his martial arts on that ship, every move was precise and clear.
It was difficult to make progress in martial arts practice. Although Xu Ying practiced hard day and night and had two ginseng fruits, his progress was still not rapid.
On the other hand, the white-bone dragon accompanied Xu Ying to practice martial arts day and night, fighting fiercely, and gradually gained mana, with dragon patterns appearing all over his body.
The Holy Lord did not look at Xu Ying, but his eyes fell on it from time to time, showing surprise, and whispered: “There is something strange about this white-bone dragon. Even great masters like Qin Daoquan died and died together with strangers. It Why can it survive? Moreover, it seems that it still has its sanity.”
The ancestor god’s eyes fell on Xu Ying, thoughtfully, but did not speak.
The Holy Lord said: “Moreover, Girl Yuan said that the golden key to control this ship is hung on its neck. How precious is this golden key? How can it be placed on the dragon with the lowest cultivation level? It should be placed on the highest cultivation level. It’s only right for the Dragon Immortal! Moreover, there is something wrong with its martial arts training process, its cultivation has improved too fast!”
Ancestor God wondered: “There is indeed something wrong. Even Yuan Yatou can’t board that ship. How can Xu Ying with such little Qi resist the assimilation of the Cuiyan Tower ship?”
The Holy Lord’s eyes flashed and he said: “I suspect that this white-bone dragon should be Bi Yanhai, the Prime Minister of Longting who was in charge of this ship in the golden book! Bi Yanhai must have practiced the secret method and be able to make himself Preserve your sanity in dangerous situations! He was probably injured in a confrontation with two strangers, and his cultivation level was greatly damaged, so he sealed himself! Although he was transformed, he still retains a certain degree of thinking ability.”
Zu Shen said: “His martial arts is absorbing the energy of two ginseng Tao fruits, and the refining Tao fruits are true energy! The martial arts true energy he has developed is definitely weird!”
/The Holy Lord said: “When Bi Yanhai is in danger, he must seal all his consciousness in his head or his own magic weapon. As long as he finds this thing, he can be awakened! Then we will have an extra big one.” Master!”
Just when he thought of this, he saw the White Bone Divine Dragon fighting with Xu Ying again, one person and one dragon, fighting each other with fists and kicks. He didn’t know what the grudge was, but the White Bone Divine Dragon always wanted to attack Xu Ying.
/The White Bone Divine Dragon’s moves were strange and extremely fierce, but afte