very special situation, and just keep in touch as usual.” Liu Changan sighed softly, “I think you can understand this kind of trouble. If you find that others like you, stay away from them and just keep them. distance, the final result is that all the friends around me are of the same sex, and the yin and yang are not balanced.”

Although the current atmosphere made Bai Hui feel shy and sweet, what he said still made Bai Hui funny and angry as always, and it was difficult to listen to him calmly without refuting.
“It’s normal for people of the same sex to fall in love with me. Just like among your female friends, there must be some women who have that kind of intention towards you.” Liu Changan doesn’t feel good about himself, this is just a fact.
“Indeed.” Bai Hui remembered that there was a girl in the class who would come to their dormitory whenever she had something to do. Sometimes when she looked at Bai Hui, she felt like she was infatuated with the extremely beautiful and lovely girl. .
“So I promise you, we are still friends and we won’t let this matter turn into an awkward fight.” Liu Changan let go of Bai Fen, “I won’t leave yet. You go make a pot of tea and drink it.” We’ll take some photos after tea, as usual.”
“Okay.” Bai Hui said quickly, her cheeks were flushed, she was no longer so nervous, and she no longer had the panic of waiting for the trial. She was obviously rejected, but she felt much more relaxed.
“But I took a photo of my chin, which needs to be repaired.” Bai Hui saw Liu Changan changing clothes, so naturally he only took pictures of her without changing clothes.
“It’s very simple.” Liu Changan spit some saliva and smeared it on his fingertips, then hooked Bai Hui’s chin.
Bai Hui had never had her chin hooked by the opposite sex like this before. She always felt that she had seen this action in some movies and TV series. It was full of earthiness. It was only when Liu Changan hooked her chin that Bai Hui discovered that this action really makes a girl’s heart beat faster. Such an action would change the angle from which she looked at him. It was a different angle than usual. For a moment, she felt a little panicked and at a loss, as if she was just waiting for him to lower his head next.
He didn’t. He let go of her chin. Bai Hui blushed because of her random thoughts. She couldn’t help but touch her chin, but there was no burning pain like after the skin was broken. She couldn’t help but be a little surprised. She ran to the mirror and took a look. There were no scars at all.
Could it be that it was just an illusion? This must be the case, otherwise how could things get better so quickly? Bai Hui turned around and looked at Liu Changan with a smile as bright as a flower.
Bai Hui went to take out the camera. The OTUS85 is a stacked manual lens with the name of Zeiss. The price is naturally high. It feels heavy in the hand and has a sense of weight. This kind of texture has always been popular among equipment lovers and touch lovers. favorite.
/Bai Hui just wanted to try out the f