was that this fox demon was powerful enough. His strength was a mystery, and his upper limit had never been discovered.

“Let’s do this, brother, I won’t embarrass you.”
/Then I really want to thank you!
Hu San rolled his eyes and waited with bated breath for Lu Bei to speak.
“A few months ago, I went to visit Hongling County next door and accidentally entered a ruins in the mountains. Logically speaking, if this ruins had not collapsed due to the collapse of the spiritual veins, it would never have been discovered by anyone in the world.” Lu Bei finished speaking in a low voice, He gave Hu San a meaningful look.
Hu San wiped the cold sweat from his head and said bluntly: “Yes, this information is priceless, and my mother deserves it.”
The scene he was most worried about happened. The remnants of Qinggan came back, and Zhao Xiayang was just one of them. Not only Dongqi County, but also Dongyang County also had a dragon trap, and it had been activated a few months ago.
It is very likely that this catastrophe will spread to the entire Ningzhou, and even the three eastern states of Wuzhou will not be spared.
Lu Bei waved to Hu San and whispered in his ear: “Do you want to know who is planning all this behind the scenes?”
Boom! !
There was a thunder in Hu San’s mind, and he stood up from the stone bench suddenly, took several breaths, and then calmed down and sat back down. A sound insulation method sprinkled down, cutting off the possibility that the partition wall had ears.
“Brother, do you really know this and are you not lying to me?”
“I can do the thing of losing my head?”
Lu Bei chuckled lightly, and then said: “You and I can’t decide whether it is yes or no. We still need Xuanyin Division to investigate and verify it, right?”
This is the truth.
Hu San nodded and promised: “Who it is and what force it is, tell me and I will satisfy you in any request!”
“I can’t say it directly. I’ll give you a little reminder. Brother, you can figure it out yourself.”
Lu Bei put on a serious face: “Brother, do you know how many first-rate forces there are in our Wuzhou territory?”
“The Dog of the Emperor’s Sect”
Lu Bei took over the words: “In addition to the Emperor Ji Sect, there are three first-class forces in Wuzhou. Yunzhong Pavilion in the misty secret realm of Liusu Mountain. This immortal sect is quite mysterious. There are few disciples who walk in the world. The emperor’s master at that time came from Yunzhong Pavilion. “Zhongge”
“What, Master Taifu is a monk of Yunzhong Pavilion?”
Hu San was shocked, his expression changed rapidly, and the questions in his mind couldn’t stop one after another.
/How could the Imperial Master be a monk of Yunzhong Pavilion?
When did His Majesty have contact with Yunzhong Pavilion? Is it to contain Huangji Sect?
In addition, where did Lu Bei get the secret information that even Xuanyin Si Qingwei didn’t know?
MD, you are careless!
The corner of Lu Bei’s mouth twitched. Before version 3.0 of Emotions, few people knew that the Imperial Master was from Yunzhong Pavilion.