sources, they appeared extremely hungry and devoured everything around them.

The normal flood source is the source of the universe and all things, giving birth to all things and flourishing. The innate spiritual treasure draws nutrients from the sea of ??chaos and strengthens the flood source.
The flood source of annihilation directly swallows all things. The flood source does not contain the great road, nor does it contain the universe, but is a piece of chaos.
They are like gluttons that can only get in and out, always eating and eating!
Xu Yingda was surprised: “What’s going on with this kind of flood?”
There is a strange power in the flood source. That power is mysterious and unpredictable, and there is a feeling that the great road is silent and all things are annihilated. That is a kind of Tao power that cuts off all vitality, cuts off all changes, and returns the universe to chaos!
“The power of Nirvana!”
/Xu Ying couldn’t help but feel moved. After searching for many years, this was the first time he found the power of the Avenue of Nirvana!
He had only seen the Great Way of Nirvana in Changsun Shenghai. However, although Changsun Shenghai practiced the Great Way of Nirvana, his attainments on this path were not very high.
Apart from this, no one can understand the Great Way of Nirvana!
/He never thought that in this dying universe, he could feel the power of the Avenue of Annihilation!
“I should meditate on the immortality of destiny and practice the Great Way of Nirvana here!”
Xu Ying was quite excited, and even though he wanted to push the ship to enter the Imperial Realm, the ship did not move at all. He turned around and saw that Chaos Lotus was holding the ship down, preventing him from entering the Imperial Realm.
“Aying, this universe has fallen into silence and will collapse at any time. After entering, life or death will be unpredictable!”
Da Zhong said, “Even Master Lian feels that he cannot protect himself after entering. If you want to understand the cessation of death, just do it under the tree.”
Xu Ying looked solemn and said: “This opportunity is rare, and I can’t let it go. Master Zhong, Master Lian, there may be universes falling into annihilation every moment in the sea of ??chaos, but the only universe I can encounter now is the one in front of me. This one. I have to seize this opportunity!”
Da Zhong hesitated and said, “Even so, you must first find a way to protect yourself.”
Xu Ying smiled and said: “I have cultivated the Way of the Void and am standing in the void. Even if the annihilation of this universe breaks out, I can use the void to escape before the universe is annihilated.”
After hearing this, Da Zhong and Chaos Lotus felt a little relieved.
When Xu Ying and Taoist Yuxu established the Void Realm, Xu Ying tried to enter the Void Realm with his soul after returning to the other side, and the passage was unimpeded, so he had a guess.
This void exists in every universe. Each universe is separated by the sea of ??chaos and cannot communicate with each other, but