d earth in the universe, and possesses terrifying Tao power, but at the same time, he can also be affected by the Tao power.

If this universe is in a state of calamity, calamity and killing will affect the Lord of the Great Dao.
Hua, Lin, and Luo were all startled. Dao Master Lin murmured: “It can’t be such a coincidence, right?”
At the same time, Zhao He, the emperor of the Zhao Realm, stood up and came towards Ji Cang with the power of the great avenue of heaven and earth in the Zhao Realm universe!
This time he took action, no longer needing to hide it, and fully unleashed his cultivation strength. Behind him, thousands of avenues of rays of light came from the void, connected to his body, and connected to his fist peak!
This scene is truly magnificent!
Qingxuan, Shengzun and others each held a big flag, urged it to move, and shouted: “We must block it!”
At the place where the two masters’ moves collided, even the Great Avenue of Heaven and Earth fell silent for a moment, and then erupted. Qingxuan, Shengzun and others struggled to activate the Four Flags Gate Formation to resist the impact of the aftermath, only to feel that various Tao phenomena in the formation were shaking. indefinite!
The Zhaojie Heavenly Court was also forced to fly millions of miles away in the violent shock. The Heavenly Court fluctuated up and down, and the immortal palaces exploded. Every immortal suffered a tragic death from the impact!
/Even Xu Ying, who was far away in Zhongjitian, noticed the violent collision coming from the universe!
“The murderous spirit is getting higher and higher!”
Xu Ying was shocked and confused, feeling that as his murderous aura increased, his luck was also increasing crazily!
Behind him, the face of Taoist Luo who was far away on the other side also changed, and he said solemnly: “Everyone, the intensity of the disaster in Zhaojie has surpassed that of our other side.”
Taoist Master Hua’s eyes flashed and he sighed: “It seems that Zhaojie is doomed, and we are just adding fuel to the fire. Fellow Taoist Luo, continue to pass on the disaster and add fuel to the fire.”
In the sky above the Zhaojie Heavenly Court, two Taoist masters were fighting. Originally, Taoist Master Ji Cang still had a sense of control in his actions, thinking that he wanted to convince the emperor Zhao He and deal with the giants on the other side together in the future.
/However, Emperor Zhao He mobilized Zhaojie’s Great Dao of Heaven and Earth, and his offensive became more and more fierce. Every move and every move made him extremely uncomfortable, and even caused him to suffer from Dao injuries.
Ji Cang has also been suppressed for many years and has not touched anyone for a long time. He used to be a demon king who killed people without any calculation. At this moment, he simply mobilized all his cultivation strength and laughed and said: “Emperor, since you want to see the strength of Taoist Master on the other side, Then I will help you!”
Behind him, a darkness suddenly appeared. In the darkness