ould not replicate the changes that Qi Feiqiong said that made Zhang Du really anxious, and he kept testing Chu Weiyang until it reached the point of becoming grudges.

If there are changes in the re-engraving, then everything is easy to say, whether the cause is due to this technique, or to the red-bone scale fish clan, with the background of the Huanghua Sect, whether it is to teach a Blood Demon Dao Dharma lineage Complete annihilation, or the complete annihilation of a monster race in the human world, are both things that can be accomplished.
But the lack of the root cause proves that either there is another secret method used by Taoist Wudu, or it is simply that Taoist Wudu’s spiritual pet is extraordinary and has its own magic.
/Naturally, they would not have thought that Chu Weiyang’s spiritual pet had both the characteristics of dragon and snake, and that he practiced water and fire to mix yin and yang.
It was never the dragon and snake’s Qi that caused Qi Feiqiong’s Taoism to go out of control, but the flow of meaning between the dragon and snake, and that flow itself caused Qi Feiqiong’s Taoism to go out of control.
Unable to guess this, all the reproductions of Zhang Du and the old Taoist were like flowers in the mirror.
/In the same place, the old Taoist stroked his beard and frowned slightly.
“Just now, the old man shone a little spiritual light in front of him. In fact, he also sensed the spiritual pet in his sleeves, but there was no change in the sense of energy that the child Fei Qiong said. This may mean that Fei Qiong suffered something that day. Something ghostly happened, or it means that the change itself is not an instinct, but something that can be controlled by the spiritual pet and the Five Poisons Taoist!”
Having said this, the old Taoist’s eyes flashed with murderous intent, and then he shook his head.
“But it’s not easy to directly wipe out his life. In this case, the internal changes must be clearly explored to reassure people, instead of directly settling the accounts after the person dies; in addition, it is always better to live than to die. Strong, no matter what we do, we must be prepared to be known and spied on.
This malady only has an impact on Qi. It is not a very important malpractice. After we find out the root cause, we can teach him to swear an oath. So as long as this person is alive, all the causes and consequences of this malady will be involved. It was tied to him alone. If he died, this vast sea of ????people would be dazzling to see at a glance. ”
Speaking of this, the old Taoist’s expression relaxed slightly.
“Du’er, don’t test him now. He wanted to go into seclusion, so he taught him to go into seclusion. Now that he has gained a reputation, he can no longer be regarded as a common man. If he really escapes, he will make enemies for the master. It’s better to wait until the Fire Dragon Island is conquered before taking action when necessary.”
There are no Jiazi in the mountains, and it is so cold that I don’t know the year.
Time passed by quietly. By th