ime, Xu Ying suddenly sensed the violent fluctuations of Taiyi Avenue, his heart moved slightly, and he immediately followed the fluctuations.

Not long after, he came to Dao Ji Tianwai and saw Taoist Master Shi Lan and four people who looked like Taoist Lin, besieging Dong Xuanzi.
“The Taoist body of Taoist Lin!”
Xu Ying raised his eyebrows and saw that behind these four Taoist Masters, there were visions of the universe. Each of them cultivated a great way and harnessed the power of the universe for their own use. The power of the Tao was so powerful that it was much more powerful than Dong Xuanzi!
Dong Xuanzi attained the Tao of Taiyi and had profound cultivation. Taiyi Dao is the body of Hunyuan and is the ancestor of all Taoisms. Whether it is Taoist master Shi Lan or the four Taoist masters Lin, the avenues they practice are all in Taiyi, and they are the avenues under Taiyi sect.
However, Dong Xuanzi was only in the middle stage of the Dao Master realm in terms of cultivation, and his Dao power was not as good as any of the four Lin Dao Masters.
The four Taoist bodies of Dao Master Lin are at the pinnacle of the Tao Master Realm. They do not compete with him in Taoist and magical powers. They will definitely not be able to compete with him in Taoist and magical powers. They simply sacrifice their spiritual treasures and blast them with one force, defeating all kinds of magic. Use the power of Lingbao to suppress Dong Xuanzi!
As for Taoist Master Shi Lan, although he was also attacking, he was just attacking Qiu Feng and taking advantage of Dong Xuanzi’s unpreparedness, he made a sneak attack with one or two moves.
Dongxuanzi was covered in blood. Facing the attack of the four Taoist bodies of Taoist Lin, he had already mobilized the Taiyi Cave Abyss, and the Taiyi Dharma was operating. He saw that all the heavens and ten thousand ways formed a great Luo, and all kinds of Taoist powers were mixed into one. It was really exquisite. Unparalleled!
When Xu Ying saw this, he couldn’t help but admire: “The old man is indeed the source of Taiyi Avenue on the other side and the three realms. His magical powers are indeed very powerful!”
Dongxuanzi’s magical power has a simple beauty, but beneath the simple appearance, it hides the entanglement and interaction of various avenues such as yin and yang, time and space, gods and demons, life and death, and the structure is extremely complex.
/With a light palm, different arrangements and combinations of the avenues of heaven and earth have different powers and functions. Sometimes Yin and Yang are the main ones, and thousands of avenues turn into Tai Chi. Sometimes, time and space are the main ones, and magical powers come from the past and the future, which makes people unable to withstand.
He controls life and death with one hand, and with the other he can plunge the universe into darkness or make it bright forever, which makes Xu Ying amazed.
However, facing the suppression of innate spiritual treasures and Tao power several times his own, such wonderful magic