aughed loudly and said, “Tomb robbing is tomb robbing, to put it so elegantly. Well, I have come here, why don’t I pass on the Xuanhuang Dao Realm Sutra?”

Xu Yingdao: “Don’t worry. I’m looking for the key to causing drastic changes here. I’ve found it. Let’s go and have a look first. You can rest assured that the Xuanhuang Dao Realm Sutra is not very precious to me. If you say it, you will not break your promise. .”
Taoist Taihua followed him and said with a smile: “It doesn’t matter if you break your promise. I have my own means and will make you say it.”
Xu Ying smiled slightly and came to the magnificent sacred mountain. He saw that this sacred mountain actually had a sloping entrance. The cave showed a diagonal line, piercing the sacred mountain.
/Xu Ying searched along the diagonal direction of the cave. After a while, he found a green rock submerged in ashes.
“Is this what you’re looking for?”
Taihua Taoist laughed and said, “Why did you spend so much time just to find this thing?”
Xu Ying nodded lightly and said: “Back then, green rocks also fell from the sky and attacked our three realms. One piece fell on the Celestial Immortal Realm, causing the dragon clan in the Celestial Immortal Realm to be exterminated and the Dragon Court was destroyed. One piece fell on the Earth Immortal Realm, smashing the Earth Immortal Realm into pieces and splitting it apart. It became all the heavens and all the realms. There was also a piece that fell into the human world, which plunged into darkness and countless people turned into bones. I was thinking that maybe the scene world was the same, so I looked for it.”
Taoist Taihua’s eyes lit up and he said with a smile: “The whereabouts of the Three Realms are still a mystery. Master Tongtian will definitely not explain the whereabouts of the Three Realms, and no one dares to force him to explain. Naturally, the rebels such as Emperor Xu will not take the initiative to explain. . Fortunately, you are also from the Three Realms and know the whereabouts of the Three Realms.”
Xu Ying thought to himself: “After I came to Jingjie, I have been thinking that the people of Jingjie suffered such a disaster. Jingjie’s ancestors were killed and injured countless times. Jingjie’s civilization was also destroyed and buried. They are still being enslaved and plundered. , but why, they dare not resist? Have they forgotten this massacre? ”
Taihua Taoist said: “So you want to dig out the evidence of this massacre and put it in front of them so that they can rebel against the other side?”
/Xu Ying nodded seriously.
Taihua Taoist sneered and said: “The rumors outside are correct. Taiyi Daojun is full of rebels! Do they dare to resist? If they dare to resist, their race will be exterminated in the next moment!”
Xu Ying looked at him and said: “But, I will teach them to practice Dongyuan’s skills, so they don’t need to summon Dongyuan, and they don’t need to practice the other shore skills with backdoors. I can also help them eradicate the ones they summoned. In the cave abyss, you can al