on Job’s understanding of August’s fifth-level Templar, he knew that August’s fifth-level Templar was also a cautious person and could not be without some precautions, so he paid so much attention to defense. .

It’s a pity that you can only be a thief for a thousand days, but there is no way to prevent a thief for a thousand days.
Job’s fifth-level Templar’s own mind is concentrated on the energy clone. The negotiation process with Lord Kagel requires him to focus most of his energy on the energy clone to be able to confront an old fox like Lord Kagel.
At the same time, the arrival of Lord Cagel brought the number of fifth-level Templars in Jessen Castle to two, which made Job’s fifth-level Templars very relieved.
Job, a fifth-level Templar, remembered that day, when he and August, a fifth-level Templar, attacked Duke Arthur, but Duke Arthur ran away without the ability to fight back.
Come to think of it, even if Duke Arthur had the ability to assassinate fifth-level Templars, he would not be able to face two fifth-level Templars at the same time.
From the perspective of Job’s fifth-level Templar, as long as Lord Cagel is in Jessen Castle, he is still very safe during this period.
/The fifteen fourth-level sky knights have maintained this defensive posture these days. Although they don’t say anything, they are already impatient in their hearts.
They don’t understand how terrifying David is. In the eyes of these fourth-level sky knights, knights are the ones who should attack, and defense is not what knights should do.
But they had to obey Job’s orders from the fifth-level Templars, so on the surface, the fifteen fourth-level Sky Knights were assisting in the defense, but in fact their thoughts had long been distracted.
There is not even a fourth-level sky knight on duty among them, and they are all in a semi-dormant state.
Shadow Attendant entered the room and stood next to Job’s fifth-level Templar body.
David introduced the space energy into his body from the ‘Extraordinary Military Spur’ next to his calf, and then activated the ‘Space Rush’ natural ability.
A bit of lightning passed directly through the ten-meter space from outside the defensive shield of Jessen Castle and appeared in the underground space. At the same time, he also released the ‘Lightning Body’ and returned to his human form.
At the same time as David acted, David controlled the Shadow Warriors to release the five fifth-level Templars Harold, Mike, Bayer, Harry and Crowe. Harold and Mike controlled Job’s fifth-level Templars. Two arms, controlled by Bayer and Harry, are the two lower limbs of Job’s fifth-level Templar.
/The main attacker is Crowe. He is wearing a fifth-level knight armor and a fifth-level light long sword in his hand. Coupled with the power of blood that has long been gathered on the fifth-level light long sword, Crowe is at the fifth level as soon as he appears. The strongest state of the Templar Knights.
Because he successfully attacked August’s fifth-level Templar last time, David felt confident that he was fami