o relax his mind after assassinating President Louis.

It was not that he had never succeeded in assassinating someone before, but maybe it was because the assassin was President Louis’ stand-in. Although he didn’t realize it at the time, he subconsciously realized that something was wrong, so he was not completely relieved.
David had no time to care about the situation outside his body. After he found out that Priest Forbes had helped him, he took all his mind back and carefully dealt with the situation inside his body.
The extraordinary power affected not only his body, but also his soul.
His soul is gradually growing under the nourishment of extraordinary power.
This growth process is not fast. Compared with the changes in the body, it can be regarded as extremely slow.
This was when David was suffering from a large amount of extraordinary power. The extraordinary power received by ordinary extraordinary people was extremely weak, and the effect was even worse.
It’s no wonder that after extraordinary people experience the improvement of their souls, their spirits are only a little stronger than ordinary people. Except for extraordinary people who are born with spiritual talents, the spiritual heights of other extraordinary people are also very limited.
/The diplomatic hovercar parked next to the Starship, and it was Priest Forbes who took David onto the Starship.
Ambassador Cumming and the Minister of Nobility Affairs Gershwin also boarded the “Starry Sky Aircraft”, and the “Starry Sky Aircraft” took off towards space.
“Oh my god, President Louis has been assassinated!” Ambassador Cumming suddenly exclaimed.
Ambassador Kaming just casually looked through the messages on his identity bracelet. He has his own intelligence in the Interstellar Federation. In addition to the intelligence organizations in the divine world providing him with intelligence on a regular basis, he also has good relationships with some intelligence agencies. .
The Divine World has no interest in some forces within the Interstellar Federation. Instead, it is easier for Ambassador Cumming to gain friendship because of some resource transactions.
Although the news that President Louis was assassinated has not been officially announced because the time was too short, everyone who should know is basically aware of it.
Ambassador Cumming’s friends would not miss this opportunity to make good friends with Ambassador Cumming. In just a short period of time, he received as many as eight pieces of information that were roughly the same.
“Didn’t we just meet President Louis? We were fine at that time!” Gershwin, the minister of noble affairs, was also stunned, and he said doubtfully.
“Shortly after we left, President Louis died of poisoning. If we had left a little later, we might have been the target of suspicion!” Ambassador Cumming said happily.
Ambassador Cumming doesn’t care about President Louis’ life or death at all. Anyway, no matter who is the president of the federal government, he will not be at odds with the divine world.