ed that the two fifth-level Templars failed to attack Duke Arthur, otherwise why would they be blocked at the portal.

This is a war between Duke Arthur and the fifth-level Templars. Viscount Harvey doesn’t want to stay on Boyo Star for a moment, but he didn’t dare to leave before. After seeing many nobles leaving through the portal, he Decided to leave.
He felt that the main city of Boyo was not safe at all. He had dealt with Duke Arthur and learned about Duke Arthur’s past. He knew very well that once the battle started, Duke Arthur would not care about the rest of the people in the main city of Boyo.
As for the fifth-level Templars of August and the fifth-level Templars of Job, let alone think about it. If there was no corresponding profit ratio, they would have slaughtered Boyo Star by now.
/The alchemy carriage drove toward the portal, and six fourth-level sky knights stopped the alchemy carriage.
“Turn off the defensive pattern of the alchemy carriage, we need to check the carriage!” A fourth-level sky knight said in a deep voice.
Viscount Harvey didn’t hesitate at all. He saw the fourth-level sky knights holding empty hands, indicating that they would take out weapons from the space rings at any time. It seemed that as long as he hesitated, the fourth-level sky knights would take action.
Turning off the defensive patterns on the alchemy carriage, the two level four sky knights carefully inspected the inside and outside of the alchemy carriage. Then they waved their hands and the other level four sky knights separated on both sides.
Viscount Harvey breathed a long sigh of relief. Although he knew that there was no problem in the alchemy carriage, facing six fourth-level Sky Knights at the same time, and two energy clones of the fifth-level Templar Knights not far away were staring at him. He felt the pressure increase greatly and felt like he couldn’t breathe.
Just as the six fourth-level sky knights separated, and the two energy clones of the fifth-level Templar Knights turned their eyes to another approaching nobleman not far away, a trace of electric light flickered from the ground, and then appeared behind the alchemy carriage. middle.
/Not only were the energy clones of the six fourth-level Sky Knights and two fifth-level Templar Knights not aware of the entire process, but even Viscount Harvey, who was very close at hand, also did not notice this trace of lightning.
The alchemy carriage entered the portal, and Viscount Harvey chose the safer Bama Star, where the fifth-level Templars did not dare to be so rampant.
Unbeknownst to everyone, David used the ‘Space Rush’ ability to directly enter the alchemy carriage from ten meters underground. Because it was too close to the planet-level portal, this trace of space energy fluctuation did not cause attention from others.
Of course, the most important reason for this is that no one would have thought that David was in the form of lightning. Naturally, they still thought that David was still in a human state no matter how hidden he was.
David left the