vite him in!” David nodded in agreement.

Captain Norbert went to greet Major General Julien, and soon brought Major General Julien in federal major general uniform.
/“Thank you, Major General Julien, for escorting me. I’ll have to worry about you for the rest of the journey!” David bowed and said with a smile.
He looked at Major General Julien’s military uniform with affection in his heart. There was the same military uniform in Shadow Warrior’s space ring, but it was an item belonging to his other identity.
“I have met Duke Arthur. This is my duty!” Major General Julien returned a military salute to David and then continued: “I brought a message from General Adams. The federal government has reopened your identity card. Ring, you can use the function of the identity bracelet when you are in the Federation!”
David was slightly stunned. When he left the Interstellar Federation, his identity bracelet was blocked, blocking all functions. He kept the identity bracelet as a souvenir.
He took out the identity bracelet belonging to Arthur from the space pendant. As soon as the identity bracelet was taken out, the information was refreshed on it, and the activation reminder messages were turned over one by one.
“Please bring my gratitude to General Adams. This is very meaningful to me!” David stopped looking at the identity bracelet and said to Major General Julien.
The Interstellar Federation has some speculation about David’s entry into the Interstellar Federation world. Such a powerful fourth-level sky knight came to the Interstellar Federation. Before that, there happened to be two fourth-level sky knights and six third-level earth knights who passed through a certain force. With help, the battle star disappeared.
Combined, it is natural to understand David’s purpose this time. Although he understands it, the Interstellar Federation cannot stop it and can only make things controllable as much as possible.
Duke Arthur’s identity is quite special. He has lived in the Federation since he was a child. It is a good sign to open an identity bracelet for him.
The intelligence department of the Interstellar Federation analyzed Duke Arthur’s intelligence. Although there was not much intelligence from the Divine World, Duke Arthur’s growth experience was probably clear.
/Duke Arthur is a strong man who likes to solve problems through killing. In terms of individual combat power, there is no opponent for him in the entire Interstellar Federation.
Such a strong person must receive special care, and a sign of goodwill can be obtained by activating an identity bracelet, so that Major General Julien can contact Duke Arthur.
“Duke Arthur, in order to facilitate communication and avoid trouble, I hope to stay on your ‘Starship’ to facilitate the cooperation with the fleet!” Major General Julien requested with a smile.
“Captain Norbert, prepare a guest room for Major General Julien!” David did not refuse. He had just received the benefits earlier. Major General Julien just wanted to stay on the Starship, which was not a big d