ly extermination case is completed.

There is a special feature of the laws of God’s great world. There is no double verdict in a case. As long as the case is closed, there is no need to worry about other changes in the case.
After the Noble Affairs Office gives a reasonably reasonable explanation for the extermination of the Dennis family, no one will be able to trace the source of this wealth.
The first thing David had to do was to resurrect August the fifth-level Templar. In order to ensure the physical integrity of August the fifth-level Templar, he tried his best to keep August the fifth-level Templar alive during the battle. The knight’s body was intact, and the only real fatal wound was the sword that penetrated into his heart.
Using the immortal life force to activate all the physical vitality of August’s fifth-level Templar, David moved a fifth-level soul origin in his soul space into the body of August’s fifth-level Templar.
After some time to adapt, the origin of the fifth-level soul remained in the body of August the fifth-level Templar, and the feedback information of the fighting instinct was obtained from the muscles of August the fifth-level Templar.
/“Your name is Crow!” Out of respect for the fifth-level Templar, after David redesigned the face of August the fifth-level Templar, he also gave August the fifth-level Saint A new name for the Knights of the Temple.
/The number of fifth-level Templars beside David has since increased by one, reaching as many as five.
It is a pity that August’s fifth-level Templar, also known as Crow Knight, had no energy clone beside him when he was killed, so there was no energy clone in his heart space.
This is also a pity. There is no energy clone in the heart sea space. For a long time, Harlow’s fifth-level Templar and Crow’s fifth-level Templar have not been able to have energy clones. For the fifth-level Templar, in terms of strength, It will be affected a lot.
Fortunately, the three fifth-level Templars, Mike, Bayer and Harry, all have energy clones that have lost their souls in their heart spaces.
This time he harvested a lot of soul energy from the Dennis family, and David was not prepared to absorb and integrate it himself. He planned to use this soul energy to restore energy clones for the three fifth-level Templar knights.
He called Mike the fifth-level Templar to his side, and his mind turned to the fifth-level soul of Mike’s fifth-level Templar. He completely controlled the body of Mike’s fifth-level Templar.
The fifth-level soul of Mike, a fifth-level Templar, has been recovering for more than a month, and the energy in his soul has long been restored.
It’s just that the act of cutting off the soul is extremely dangerous even for a fifth-level Templar, and if it is successfully cut, it will also cause great damage to one’s own soul.
Damage to the soul is extremely difficult to recover, and every medicine that can be used to treat damage to the soul is of the highest quality.
Therefore, when the fifth-level Templars use energy clones, they also