ts snow-white shell and some characteristics that it was a snow falcon egg.

Snow falcons are extremely rare among flying mounts, because snow falcons only survive in extremely cold environments, and their numbers are naturally small. It is even more difficult to find extraordinary-level snow falcons.
Because the extremely cold environment is not suitable for human habitation, it is also difficult for snow falcons to breed artificially. This makes snow falcons a rare flying mount and its value is naturally very high.
David was a little moved. The Snow Falcon’s status among flying mounts was somewhat like a sports car among cars. Although it was far from a super sports car, it was much better than ordinary flying mounts.
/He turned his attention to another larger flying mount egg. When he saw this flying mount egg, he was slightly startled.
The vitality inside this flying mount egg is very weak. If it were not for the operation of the ‘life-sustaining magic circle’, it is estimated that this flying mount egg would have been a dead egg.
Logically speaking, such a flying mount egg should be abandoned, why is it still placed in the ‘life-sustaining magic circle’.
There were only two ‘life-sustaining arrays’ in the Dennis family’s breeding warehouse. Such a flying mount egg occupied one of the ‘life-sustaining arrays’, which made David pay attention to it.
David kept searching for knowledge about flying mounts in his mind, but he compared all the known types of flying mounts and could not find one similar to the flying mount egg in front of him.
This egg is completely black. Although its vitality is weak, you can tell from its breath that it is a flying mount egg with extraordinary bloodline.
David was a little hesitant. To be honest, the Snow Falcon Egg was a very good flying mount for him.
/Based on his background, even if he went to buy it, he would only be able to buy flying mount eggs of raptors such as golden eagles and bald eagles. This is still the best result.
You must know that some level four sky knights can spend years waiting for a satisfactory flying mount. David does not believe that he is lucky enough to directly purchase a top-level flying mount egg.
The rarity of the Snow Falcon, coupled with the possibility of possessing an innate ability similar to ‘Ice Control’, makes having a Snow Falcon as a flying mount the ultimate goal of most level four sky knights.
Of course, David doesn’t look down on the Snow Falcon’s ‘Ice Control’ talent. Not to mention whether the Snow Falcon that signed the contract and hatched can have the ‘Ice Control’ talent, it just has the ‘Ice Control’ talent. It can only affect the second level combat power.
There are only two most important requirements for a knight’s mount, one is speed, and the other is vitality.
Speed ??is the speed enhancement that the knight needs to get from his mount in order to make up for his own shortcomings.
As for the combat effectiveness of the mount, if the knight needs the mount to participate in battle, then the knight is not qualified