s what is recorded on those stone tablets.

“Did you pay tax on my 30,000 skill points?”
Lu Bei’s eyes widened, dissatisfied, and stayed in a strange space, independent from the outside world, watching the fire, water, wind, chaos and disorder again and again, waiting for the opportunity to take action.
He didn’t believe it. There must be a complete set of exercises.
The hard work paid off, and the attempts failed again and again, and the simple characters representing “Zhen” slowly took shape.
Lu Bei had quick eyes and quick hands. The moment the character appeared, his fingertips had already touched it.
Invisible air waves dispersed, and there seemed to be a buzzing sound in the void.
Lu Bei’s mouth and nose were bleeding, and the moment he touched the characters, ripples spread rapidly into his body, shaking his internal organs and making it difficult to maintain stability.
The same thing happened in his little world.
The destructive shock spread in all directions. Once touched, the false small world immediately turned into powder, revealing the foundation of yin and yang.
High in the sky, the immortal full moon shook its shadow with high-frequency vibrations, and the surrounding stars exploded.
Only one area of ??the sea, where two lotus leaves sat, survived the shock. He let him be strong, and the newly emerged flower buds just shook their heads and went to sort out the Yin and Yang and the Five Elements.
The vibration continued. I chose a secluded place in the far sky, the character ‘Zhen’ was generated, and I set up camp. The powerful force continued to spread, breaking up and reorganizing this corner of the small world.
Lu Bei coughed up two ounces of blood and called out evil. After the broken tendons were reconnected and the wounds in his body were cleared, he noticed the changes in the small world.
It’s obviously his little world, but there are always some weird people coming uninvited. They just come and stay there and never leave.
That is to say, he has never played his cards according to common sense. The small world is inherently different from ordinary people, and he has become accustomed to seeing strange things. If it were any other serious monk, seeing his little world in chaos, he would definitely become obsessed and fall ill on the spot.
/On the personal panel, simple characters occupy one column, and the skills mentioned are not skills, and the skills are not skills. There is no level, and there is no experience window. Lu Bei has no way to start, one head and two big ones.
His intuition told him that this thing must be useful, or very useful.
The reality told him that he didn’t know the method and needed to figure out how to use it.
Spend 30,000 skill points to hire an uncle.
When Mr. Lu has just merged into one body and is satisfied with his ambition, how can he bear this grievance?
Absolutely not. If I don’t give him some benefit today, he won’t leave!
The strange space is tumbling and disorderly, and every time the screen is switched, an opportunity is