he sword intent that permeated the world. The wounds on his body became deeper and deeper, and even the realm within his body began to show wounds!

The terror of the Emperor’s Immortal Weapon finally appears!
Xu Ying’s blood flow increased and his pace gradually slowed down. The confrontation between the Cunxiang Zhuxian Remnant Sword and the Purple Netherworld Sword became more and more difficult.
Just when he almost couldn’t help but want to give up, suddenly, he sensed the vast broken sword standing outside the ancestral Biyou Palace, and a mighty force surged in!
The Zhuxian Remnant Sword uses him as a bridge to transfer its power to fight against the Ziyou Mingdao’s sword energy!
Xu Ying was overjoyed, mustered up his energy, and fought against the sword energy. The wounds on his body immediately shrank and healed!
Jin Buyi and An Qi were relieved when they saw this.
Xu Ying continued to walk forward, Zhu Xian Broken Sword seemed to have a temper, and with the help of his spiritual bridge, murderous aura continued to flow out, colliding with the Purple Netherworld Sword.
The Purple Netherworld Sword seemed to have sensed something, and the sword energy coming towards Xu Ying became stronger and stronger.
But the stronger the Purple Nether Sword is, the safer Xu Ying and others will be, because the murderous aura transmitted from the Zhuxian Broken Sword will become more ferocious!
But these two times, he observed from a distance and had no chance to get close to the Zhu Xian Broken Sword.
Because the power of the Broken Sword is too strong, no one can bear it when visualized from a distance. Only by cultivating the promise of the ancestral method can it be accomplished. But even if you have completed the promise of the ancestral method and watched it at close range, you will be torn to pieces by the sword intention of the Zhuxian Broken Sword!
Now, the Zhuxian Broken Sword uses his spirit as a bridge to fight against the Ziyouming Sword, allowing Xu Ying to observe the Zhuxian Broken Sword at an extremely “close” distance, and his understanding of this sword is getting deeper and deeper!
“For me, this encounter with the Purple Netherworld Sword may not necessarily be a disaster!”
At this moment, a broken jade mountain suddenly came into view in front of him. The jade mountain was broken into two parts, as if it was slashed diagonally downward from above by a sharp weapon, splitting the mountain.
/The Jade Mountain above slid down and pressed on the land next to the Nai River. With this Jade Mountain as the center and along the banks of the Nai River, a Wangxiang Tower was formed that connected all the worlds!
/There is a fairy-like palace on the Jade Mountain, but it is dilapidated and desolate.
An Qi looked up and saw a column of characters on the mountain, and whispered: “Xuandu Yujing Mountain.”
“Xuandu Yujingshan?”
Xu Ying was stunned, and suddenly thought that the two skeletons playing chess on the road just now seemed to be saying that he was here again. Could it be that he had been here b