Practice and become the master of our universe!”

The three young immortals spoke to each other and expressed their respective worries. Only Tian Chengzi stood aside and did not interrupt.
Xu Ying was stunned. Did the Heavenly Realm Taoist really have such a plan back then?
“How can we allow others to snore on the side of the bed?”
Dao Master Hua spoke impassionedly and loudly, “Most of Dao Zun’s conspiracy has been successful, but as long as we are here, we will not allow him to step into our universe! Brother Ying Dao, we are all convinced of your ability. Today you will It’s our leader who leads us to the Heaven Realm and slaughters all the people in the Heaven Realm!”
Xu Ying’s mind exploded: “Am I the executioner who led the powerful men from the other side to destroy the Heaven Realm?”
Dao Master Luo’s blood surged. He gritted his teeth and lowered his voice and said, “If our plan is revealed, many people will definitely oppose it. Although these people are of the same race as us, they are loyal to Dao Master and have become us. Traitors in the clan! Fellow Daoist Hua invited them to the island this time to catch them all!”
Dao Master Lin’s eyes turned red with excitement, and he said: “This time, we will kill them all! Then we will kill them all on the other side to avenge all the clan members who have died in vain over the past one million years!”
The three people’s eyes fell on Xu Ying, and they said in unison: “Brother Ying Dao, what do you think?”
“This is fake, this is an illusion, an illusion created by the Taoist master of Longxing Temple using his magical powers!”
Although Xu Ying thought so, he knew that this was not an illusion.
If it were an illusion, it would be impossible for Hua, Lin, and Luo to possess such superb Taoism, especially as Taoist Master Hua’s attainments in the Tao of Power were even higher than Xu Ying’s.
If it were an illusion, it would be impossible to reveal the unknown mysteries of the great road.
“I really went back in time and became the Taoist brother of Hua Dao Master Lin Dao Master and Luo Dao Master. I am presiding over an extermination plan against Tianjing Dao Master and Tianjing Dao Master.”
Xu Ying was still a little unbelievable, but he had already nodded and agreed to lead Hua, Luo, and Lin to rebel, kill the traitors in the ethnic group who supported the Heaven Realm, and kill them in the Heaven Realm.
“But if I really go through this, why won’t anyone remember me as the leading Taoist brother in the future? I should be more glorious than Hua, Luo, and Lin. The person sitting at the top of Dao Jitian should be me. !”
Xu Ying blinked. Could it be that there really was one of him sitting at the top of Dao Jitian, harvesting the universe?
“No, if that’s the case, Hua Dao Master Lin Dao Master and the others should have recognized me long ago. Could it be that my transformation into the appearance of the Saints on the other side has become too lifelike?”
He shook his head.
/Hua, Lin, and Luo had already walked out of Zhiren Hall and quie