e Pei Mansion.”

Just as he was thinking about it, he saw several young men coming towards him. The leader of them, the young master, smiled and said, “Are you the Xu Snake Catcher?”
Xu Ying stopped, nodded slightly, and said, “It’s me.”
The young master said: “I am Pei Jing from the Pei Mansion. I am the second young master. I am hosting friends in the palace today and I would like to invite you to accompany me.”
/Xu Ying smiled and said, “I can do anything.”
/The second young master, Pei Jing, waved his hand to Bi He and led him to a building facing the lake. In front of the building, there were acres of blue waves and rippling lotus leaves.
Second Young Master Pei Jing sat down with the other young gentlemen. Xu Ying was about to sit down when Second Young Master Pei Jing’s face darkened and he said displeasedly: “I asked you to accompany me, do you understand what it means to accompany me? Do you have the right to sit?” Why don’t you take out the snake and play with it? If you make your friends in the palace happy, I will reward you with a few silver coins!”
Xu Ying was stunned, stood up silently, came to the edge of the lake, gently raised his hand, and said: “Since you guys want to see the snake, please invite the seventh master to come out.”
A small snake covered in scales swam out from between his collar, came to his fingertips, and coiled around his fingers for several weeks.
Second Young Master Pei Jing and others couldn’t help laughing, pointing at Xu Ying and saying: “Sure enough, he is a snake catcher, there are really snakes on him!”
Xu Ying smiled and said, “Master Qi, you and I will dance together!”
He burst out with vitality and sacrificed the small snake on his fingertips. Suddenly, a violent aura like ancient times filled the air. The small snake grew bigger and bigger, reaching a hundred feet in length in an instant. Its huge body slowly swam on the lake.
Xu Ying’s sleeves danced, and the big snake’s body rose gradually, getting higher and higher, with brilliant sword energy all over its body, flying around it.
The big snake swam in the air, setting off gusts of wind. It looked like a dragon or a python, but it had two black and white horns on its head and a mane like a dragon flag on its back, flying in the wind.
Xu Ying was dancing with his sleeves in front of the building, and suddenly he saw the big snake swooping down, its sword energy getting stronger and stronger, and it arrived in front of the building in an instant!
In the building, the second young master Pei Jing suddenly changed and stood up in a hurry. Several other young masters also got up in a hurry, each using all his skills to resist!
The whole building exploded, sword energy poured out, and everyone fell and flew away, falling into the water, in a miserable state!
Xu Ying laughed loudly and walked to the ruins of the building. He saw that the table was still there and the banquet was not messed up. So he grabbed the meat and ate it. After eating it happily, he picked up the wine bottle and drank. He said